Kate & William’s wedding cost £30m including £250k dress- but one royal couple’s cost more

Diana: Wedding dress designer discusses 'stressful' experience

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Between an outfit, accommodation, gifts, transport and childcare, stepping out and heading to a wedding is no cheap experience. New research from Steven Stone Jewellers found that the average UK wedding guest can expect to fork out more than £1,000 – and considering the extravagance of a royal wedding, this would be exponentially more. Steven Stone spoke to Express.co.uk about the cost of royals tying the knot.

As for royal weddings, it is perhaps a stroke of luck that many of us will never be in attendance at one, as these occasions can be extremely costly.

Maxwell Stone, creative director at Steven Stone, told Express.co.uk: “With the cost of weddings rising and the wedding industry worth an estimated £14.7billion in 2022, it’s mind-blowing to think about the cost of royal weddings.

“Kate Middleton’s and Prince William’s wedding is said to have cost £30million.”

Amy Eisinger, editor of weddingchannel.com, estimated that the floral arrangements alone cost £653,000.

A further £65,000 was reported to be spent on two wedding cakes.

And it is thought that Carole and Michael Middleton footed the bill for their daughter’s £250,000 wedding dress.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s was slightly dearer than William and Kate’s, at £32million.

Maxwell continued: “Prince Charles’s and Lady Diana’s wedding is reported to be the most expensive royal wedding of the British Royal Family.”

Around 750 million people tuned in to the BBC and ITV to watch the celebrations at St Paul’s Cathedral in 1981.

“It is thought to have cost around £57million, with Diana’s wedding dress worth £11,000.”

The ivory taffeta wedding dress, equipped with a 25ft train, will go down in history as one of the most iconic garments of all time.

The average cost of a 2022 wedding is £19,017, while pales in comparison to the Prince and Princess of Wales’ £57million marriage ceremony.

But of all the UK royals, which couple tied the knot for the lowest price?

Maxwell revealed: “Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s wedding is reported to have cost around £2million, making it the cheapest royal wedding overall.

“However, the cost of being a guest at one of this show-stopping events would also no doubt be sky high, when factoring in a stay at a five star London hotel can cost over £700 per night.”

As for non-royals weddings, more than 350,000 will take place in the UK this year.

Globally, over £14.7billion will be spent on these special events.

It is a well known fact that brides, grooms – and often their generous family members – have to part with their hard earned cash to fund the celebrations.

However, being a wedding guest in 2022 can be a costly experience too.

The cost of being a wedding guest in 2022

Average UK spend per person

Outfit: £155.65

Accommodation: £165.87

Transport (Train/Petrol/Flight): £80.75

Childcare: £111.25

Gift: £157.64

Hen or Stag do: £160.38

Food and drink: £163.28

Pet sitter: £101.00

Hair and makeup: £108.00

TOTAL: £1,203.82

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