Just Jane: I persuaded hubby to attend sex party but it was a horrible experience

Now I regret ever making that deal. Everything has gone wrong and our relationship is in peril. 

Far from having wild sex with a string of hunks, I’ve been saddled with overweight, kinky losers who all want more than I’m willing to give. But my husband has struck gold with the women – they are all younger and in better shape. 

He’s been having the time of his life while I’ve been left feeling resentful and put upon. 

At the last party, I looked around and just felt disgusted. 

Now my husband is saying that our marriage is on the line if I don’t agree to attending a big party next month. After all, this was all my idea in the first place… 

JANE SAYS: Just because you originally introduced the idea of swinging and swapping doesn’t mean that it is set in stone. Tell your husband things have gone far enough. You’ve hit a wall and you want out – that’s perfectly reasonable and he should be prepared to listen to your point of view. 

Tell him what is going through your head. Explain that you felt isolated and alone at that last party and the thought of another in July chills you to the bone. 

You’ve realised those people aren’t your people and you’re looking for an escape. 

Admit you believe that you made a mistake. You didn’t think things through because with sex comes emotion – both positive and negative. 

Ask him if you can kick- start your old relationship and start again. 

If he’s adamant he wants to push on with the swinging lifestyle, you need to bow out for the sake of your physical and mental health. 

I hope your relationship doesn’t collapse as a result of this experiment. I urge you to fight like crazy, but if it can’t be saved then you have to take care of yourself. 

Don’t do anything more that you’re not completely comfortable with. 

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