Juan Pablo Di Pace Reveals He’s Dropped 2 Sizes Since Starting ‘DWTS’

The best diet and exercise regimen around? Joining ‘DWTS’! Juan Pablo Di Pace revealed in an exclusive interview that hitting the ballroom every day has caused him to drop TWO pants sizes — see a before and after pic!

Work hard; see results! Juan Pablo Di Pace, 39, has been busting his butt on Dancing With The Stars, practicing, working out, and dancing almost 24/7 with partner Cheryl Burke. He’s not just improving his skills week by week; he’s dropping major weight! HollywoodLife caught up with the Fuller House star, and he told us EXCLUSIVELY that while he doesn’t know the exact number of pounds he’s lost, he’s down two pants sizes!

“The dancing is pretty much doing all the job,” Juan Pablo said. “There was a week when I was going to the gym and that kind of fizzled out because I was so tired after the rehearsals. We rehearse six to eight hours a day so you’re always on your feet. They took in my trousers the other day. I’m definitely two sizes down.” That’s no small feat! As someone who already looked like a million bucks, losing that much weight is totally noticeable. Juan Pablo said that he’s starting to get a little lax with his diet, though, just like the rest of us. “I’m not proud of it, but lately I’ve been starting to allow myself cookies and some more sugar and soda. We’re burning it [off] so it’s okay — but I can’t get too used to it.”

Juan Pablo may find himself dropping another size or two, because there’s no indication that he and Cheryl are getting booted off the show anytime soon! “You can never be to confident because things might change,” he told us EXCLUSIVELY. “Of course, it feels amazing to be considered [a frontrunner], though.” He’s just being modest, DWTS fans! Do you remember how hard he and Cheryl slayed on the October 8 episode of the show? They got the elusive perfect score when they did a samba to Jennifer Lopez‘s “Ni Tu Ni Yo”. How good was it? Well, notoriously difficult judge Len Goodman was struck speechless and gave them a standing ovation, and Bruno Tonioli told them, ““For 27 seasons I have done the show, that was one of the best sambas I’ve seen.” WHOA!

Dancing With The Stars airs Mondays at 8:00pm on ABC.

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