Jeremy Kyle Show guest ‘attempted suicide twice after failing lie detector test’

A Jeremy Kyle Show guest attempted suicide twice because of the abuse she received after failing a lie detector test on the programme.

Chloe Gill, from Sibsey, Lincolnshire, said she was shunned by pals and relatives following her segment on the ITV show, which has now been axed.

Chloe was just 19 when she went on the show to counter claims that she posted a picture of another person's child on Facebook.

After failing a lie detector test, which she disputes, she says she was hounded with abuse after the episode was aired last May,  LincolnshireLive reports.

Chloe, now 20, said she twice tried to end her life as a result of the backlash from her appearance.

“I went on to get all the stuff over with. I was absolutely gobsmacked when I didn’t,” she said.

“Half of my friends and family didn’t want to know me. I fell out with my own mum at some point.”

When asked why she had tried to end her own life twice, she added: “It was a mixture of the abuse and the show. I couldn't go down the street without being threatened.”

The daytime show, which saw guests come on to solve family issues, fall-outs and addictions, has been controversially axed by ITV bosses after it emerged that Steve Dymond, 63, had died from a suspected suicide just days after appearing on the TV programme.

Questions have now been raised over the level of aftercare given to people on the show once they are away from the TV cameras and whether show bosses could have done more.

Miss Gill says she did get some help, but claims it was not enough to help her cope with the repercussions of appearing on the show.

"They offered me counselling, two private sessions. They [producers] would ring me once in a blue moon to see if I'm alright. This happened twice, three times.

"The show could have done more, definitely. My mental health deteriorated," she added.

Before filming, Miss Gill says she was a happy teenager, who would go on nights out every other weekend.

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