Jell-O makes edible slime. Think kids will want it? Us too!

It's a toy! It's a food, sort of. Jell-O introduces Jell-O Play in June. (Photo: JELL-O PLAY)

You’ve probably seen your kids try to eat slime against your advice. I mean it is rainbow colored and looks like candy.

Now, thanks to a new Jello-O product, you won’t have to freak if they decide to munch on slime. 

Introduced in two flavors, Jell-O Play’s edible slime lets kids play and eat. Your call whether that’s a good or bad (or sanitary?) thing.

Jell-O Play edible slime (Photo: Jello-O Play)

What to know about edible slime

It comes two ways: A pink, strawberry-flavored one called Unicorn Slime and a green, lime-flavored canister called Monster Slime.

To make the edible slime, just add water to the mix. It’ll turn into the stretchy-fun goo that kids have come to love. Sold in 14.8-ounce canisters, each one makes two batches of slime that is 100-percent edible.

The slime cleans away with soap and water.

How to get it: Pre-order now on

The slime is expected at select stores in December for about $10. 

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