Jay Rayner divides Twitter with his middle class train picnic

Food critic Jay Rayner divides Twitter with his VERY middle class train picnic – and is blasted for eating chorizo and taramasalata in a confined space (as well as the plastic packaging)

  • London based food critic, 52, shared snap of train picnic on Twitter
  • Featured selection of snack foods from M&S including taramasalata and crisps
  • Some took issue with the salt content, while others decried plastic packaging  

 Food critic Jay Rayner has divided Twitter followers after sharing a snap of his ‘kitchen cabinet’ train picnic, featuring middle class staples from M&S. 

The restaurant critic and author, 52, had brought along a selection of snacks from M&S for the journey, including taramasalata, chorizo and parma ham, ready-salted potato squares and mini pork pies.  

But he received a short shrift from some followers who took issue with various aspects of the feast, from the plastic packaging to the salt content. 

Others weren’t impressed at the idea of someone eating fishy taramasalata or pungent-smelling cured meats in the confines of a train carriage. 

Food critic Jay Rayner divided fans with a snap of his train picnic containing taramasalata, crisps, cured meats, mini pork pies and bloomer bread from M&S

Before posting a snap of his on board feast, Jay tweeted that he was in Oxford, indicating that he may have been travelling back to his London home. 

‘The kitchen cabinet train picnic rides again,’ he told his 223,000 Twitter followers. 

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The spread featured two bags of crisps, mini pork pies and sausage rolls, cold meat, bloomer bread and what appeared to be a bottle of wine.  

‘All the middle class food groups represented,’ one commenter wrote. ‘Taramasalata too, just to upset the rest of the carriage. Well done.’ 

Jay’s train picnic divided fans with some offended by the amount of plastic packaging and others questioning whether it was rude to other passengers to eat taramasalata and chorizo on a train 

However, others were concerned that it didn’t look like the healthiest feast with one commenting: ‘Has anyone worked out the salt content in that pile’.

Another said they were sickened by the thought of the smell of chorizo on a train. 

Meanwhile, others took issue with the amount of plastic packaging with several questioning why he hadn’t brought a packed lunch instead. 

However, others took a more lighthearted view with one commenting that he’d failed by not including Percy Pigs.  

Others took a more lighthearted view with one commenting that he’d failed by not including Percy Pigs and another joking about the quality of the seeded bloomer 

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