I've discovered my boyfriend is married with children – should I dump him?

I’m 32 and he is 36.

He said he was single when we met online a year ago. It was a long-distance relationship as we live 150 miles apart.

I could sense something was wrong and begged him to be honest. He texted to say he’d been married for ten years and had two kids.

I was horrified so he made that recording to prove to me he was leaving.

But he still goes back to the house and even cooked them Christmas dinner after sleeping over at theirs on Christmas Eve.

He hasn’t even discussed divorce with his wife. Am I wasting my time?

DEIDRE SAYS: I’m afraid it looks like it – he’s a liar but isn’t it right he still cares for his children?

While he’s so involved with his family, though, it is unlikely he’ll commit to you, not least while he can have the best of both worlds.

Tell him it’s over and stick to it. Shed your tears but make a determined effort to move on.

You deserve much better and there are plenty of great, unattached guys.

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