I’ve already started losing my hair at 25 and it’s wrecking my confidence – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: AT the age of only 25 I’ve lost a lot of my hair. It’s wrecking my self-confidence.

I had hardly left school when I started noticing lots of hair coming out in the shower.

At first I blamed stress, as I had a hard time getting into uni, but now I know it is classic male pattern baldness.

That’s no comfort though. I have a decent job in IT but I am noticeably bald on top and feel it’s a real handicap when it comes to dating. You see all sorts of treatments advertised but does anything really work?

DEIDRE SAYS: The pros and cons are explained in my e-leaflet Losing Your Hair?

By far the best solution in my view is to cut the hair you have really short so the hair loss isn’t really noticeable.

It’s worth getting a stylish cut from a good barber, then work on your social skills.

Women respond far more to you showing interest in them and being considerate than they do to your hairline.

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