Instagram influencer takes two identical snaps to embrace ‘natural’ body

A fitness blogger has been praised for her latest Instagram upload after inspiring fans to love themselves.

The social media star, known as Loz Fitness, boasts 43,200 followers on the platform where she projects her no-nonsense attitude.

She's often sharing photos taken seconds apart to highlight how unrealistic online can be.

Now in her one of her latest uploads, Loz shared two identical photos to prove a point.

In the post, one photo says "99% of the day", while the other is just "1% of her day".

Loz wrote: "Understanding that nobody's body looks perfect 24/7 is hard but you've got to do it.

"Sometimes the 1% of the day doesn't happen, some days my body just wants to be wrapped up in comfy clothes and embraced."

She added: "But learning to let your mind embrace your body in both states is the only way to move forward.

"When I was younger I thought that it wasn't normal to have rolls when you sit down.

"I thought that my lower belly stuck out to much and that my shoulder fat was horrible."

Loz added that she's finally come to realise that her body is actually natural.

She continued: "Having that extra fat on your tummy is normal! It's literally just your skin moving!

"Your lower belly is simply your bodies shape and shoulder fat is NORMAL!!!

"Society makes us feel insecure for having normal bodies. Life is worth so much more than worrying about our bodies."

She completed the post telling fans to "learn to love every single part of their body".

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Since she shared the post, it racked up over 1,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

One said: "Great post, we all need to hear this and be reminded," another added: "Very important reminder."

A third commented: "Very eye opening and necessary for me to read. Thank you gorgeous."

And a fourth wrote: "So much love for this babe."

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