Influencer strips down to lacy lingerie to show her ‘unposed’ natural body

A body positive influencer stripped down to her undies to show what her figure looks like away from posing.

Spencer Barbosa oozes confidence where she often shares her self-love outlook to her 7.2million TikTok followers.

But she understands that not everyone has the same view of loving their shape no matter what shape or size.

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In a recent clip, Spencer ditched her clothes to flaunt her figure in a sexy lingerie set from Lounge Underwear.

The influencer explained that she wanted to show fans how different her body looks depending whether she is posing or not.

“Posed vs unposed with Lounge,” she said.

Spencer scraped her brown hair into a bun and rocked a bare face while she hiked up the lacy pink thong up to her waist.

Along with this, she leant forward to create a more cinched hourglass shape with her body.

However, her body appeared to change after she made a few little tweaks.

She smiled and jiggled her belly as she pulled down the knickers to her hips and relaxed her body instead of posing.

Spencer then sat on the stairs in her natural state and declared: “Love yourself first baby! Put yourself first.

“Talk to yourself like someone you love.”

Inspired by Spencer and her body positive post, many people fled to the comments to thank the natural beauty.

One person commented: “Gurl you give me so much confidence I just love you.”

Another user added: “You’ve inspire me to love my body even if it’s a bit fat.”

While a third added: “I’m 35 and I’m just learning to not be ashamed of my body.”

Someone else praised: “This is amazing, I love your stuff so much and you give me so much self confidence.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person shared: “So grateful for you.”


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