‘I’m too hot to get a job – male interviewers are intimidated by my good looks’

An Instagram influencer says she’s “too hot” to get a “normal” job.

Amy Kupps makes her money by modelling – but has struggled to find work other recently.

The 32-year-old, from North Carolina, US, was forced to quit her job as a history teacher when her colleagues discovered her OnlyFans page.

She claims job interviews haven’t gone to plan in recent months as she “intimidates” male recruiters.

Amy said: “Being so hot has always been a bit of an issue for me but I think now I’ve become so confident in myself I’m too intimidating for the guys who interview me.”

The social media star noticed this a few years ago when she applied for retail work.

Amy said: “Prior to teaching I went for an interview for a job in a store and the manager had me come to his office.

“When I sat down, he did a double-take and got all flustered.

"He kept staring at my chest and face, sweating uncontrollably and shaking and couldn't think of questions to ask me.

“After a while the manager said he had to go to the toilet and when he stood up there was a huge bulge in his pants.

“When he came back, he abruptly ended the interview by saying I wasn’t qualified but 'had I ever considered modelling' as he thought I’d be good at that.”

Amy wasn’t disheartened and found the experience “hilarious”.

But as she’s still struggling to get a regular 9-5 job, it’s becoming more irritating.

She said: “I love doing OnlyFans and looking like a brunette Barbie but I have to find a real job for the health insurance since I'm not teaching. It’s just the reality.

“Every time I have an interview with a male employer they end up stuttering through the chat, have to ‘excuse’ themselves or just stare.

“Often, men I encounter have those instant reactions.

"They become suddenly sweaty, nervous, blush and at times they are adjusting themselves through the pockets of their trousers.”

Amy added: “I tried for a job at a car dealership recently and one of the mechanics was staring at me while moving a client's Mercedes and smashed it right into the garage shop door…

“I do love it. It makes me feel even more confident knowing that my body has this effect on people – it’s almost like I cast a spell!

“It is tough not finding work after my teaching career ended but my OnlyFans has helped with that a bit.

“It does feel a bit discouraging at times that I’m only being judged on my looks.

"I mean, I am super smart but guys can't get past my tiny waist, large enhanced bust and enhanced lips.”

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