I’m starting to develop feelings for my close friend who’s taken and it’s torture – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: RECENTLY I realised I have had deep but hopeless feelings for a close woman friend for more than a decade.

It’s fine when she is single but when she’s in a relationship, I feel as though I’ve lost her – to the point where I block her on my phone, which hurts her feelings.

She’s told me she loves me as a friend. We’ve never had sex. I’m 42 and my friend is 38. She has plans to be with her current guy long-term.

I want her to be happy. But I feel like I should pull away now, as it’s torturing me, and just accept my love for her will never be returned.

DEIDRE SAYS: It is sad for you but if she sees you as a good friend and nothing more, it would be best to accept this and put your energies into meeting someone who wants a relationship with you.

Don’t just block her. Tell her you need to take a step back, at least for a while.

But could you have been unconsciously using your hopeless love for her as a smokescreen for a fear of getting involved with anyone?

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