‘I’m proud cougar and swing with younger men – people hate me for being so fit’

A self-confessed "cougar" has hit back at trolls who hated her for "being fit" and liking younger men.

Nikki, from Florida in US, posted about her "fun" lifestyle on TikTok.

Flaunting her toned physique in figure-hugging dress, she revealed she is happily married to her husband.

But to spice up their relationship, she makes sure to stay in shape so she can look the part at the swingers events they attend together.

In one video, she explains her "life of a cougar" while dressing in a royal blue bodycon dress.

She captioned the clip: "I get hated on everyday for being a fit cougar. I don't know what they hate the most, me being fit or me liking younger men."

In another clip, she puts on a white halter-neck dress while performing a TikTok dance.

Some viewers found her attractive and sexy, with one saying: "Cougars are so much fun to date compared to women in their 20s and 30s."

"Beyond gorgeous and absolutely stunning, much love and respect for you always," a second added.

But some keyboard warriors attacked Nikki for posting the videos.

Vile commenters accused the ripped TikToker of "looking like a man" – and insisted she looks awkward in her videos.

"Real swingers don't advertise their life style," a viewer commented.

Another criticised her look, saying: "Why are all the women who are swingers look like old meat that's past its expiry date?"

Nikki defended herself and said those people had no clue what they were talking about.

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