‘I’m mistaken for daughter’s twin despite 25-year age gap – her pals hit on me’

A mum and daughter spilled the beans on how strangers often mistaken them for twins.

Geeta and Malissa Vaiwala often turn a lot of heads while in public for their resemblance.

But while a lot of people think they're twins, that's not the case at all.

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There's actually 25 years in between them as Getta is Mallisa's mum.

Geeta, 45, told Mirror Online: "Getting mistaken for someone in their 20s never gets wearing.

"I'm pretty sure anyone in their 40s would love to be told they look half their age."

The mum credits her youthful appearance to looking after herself as she claimed "it's nice receiving compliments".

But her 20-year-old daughter hasn't always been keen on being mistaken for her mum's sister.

She added: "Some people might think it's embarrassing to be compared to their mum – and when 18, I wasn't keen.

"But now I love that we are mistaken for sisters, it's just a bit of fun."

However the duo think it's fun confusing people now and enjoy pretending to be sisters in front of strangers.

On one occasion, the mum and daughter were on a trip to Portugal when they stunned people by revealing their story.

And to top it all off, Geeta and Malissa wore similar outfits to look even more identical.

Geeta continued: "Once on a night out we were both in short dresses when someone referred to us as twins.

"We burst out laughing. We were both wearing winged eyeliner, which made us look even more similar than usual."

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While dressing the same often confuses people, it's not just their outfits which make them look alike.

On Mother's Day two years ago, Malissa booked a table for food where the waitress asked if her mum was joining.

And the worker was surprised when Geeta told her she was her parent.

When asked if there's a secret to her youthful looks, the mum claimed she wish she had one to share.

But it's all about moisturising and going to the gym three or four times a week.

As for her fashion sense, she said it's nice being able to shop with her daughter and swap whatever they buy.

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Aside from clothes, their personalities are similar too.

"We have the same ­opinions, same sense of humour, but thankfully we don't share the same taste in men," Geeta said.

Malissa admitted men her age often fancy her mum.

She admitted: "There are times I've had to interrupt the conversation to say, 'Er, that's my mum you know – she's 45'.

"They never believe it. And that's what makes our nights out so hilarious.

"I love clubbing with my mum. It really does feel like I'm hanging out with a sister or best friend.

"She can't hack the late nights any more. But she's amazing – like my mum, sister and best friend all rolled into one."

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