I'm being charged £50 a day for electricity so I have to rely on food banks

A MUM-of-two is being charged up to £50 a day for electricity and the sky-high bills have left her reliant on food banks.

Mary Quinn has been spending between £35 and £50 on electricity every single day this winter.

That means she could have been charged more than £1,500 in December and January so far.

But the nightmare prices aren't a mistake – they're reportedly a symptom of the inefficient heating system installed in her council flat in Falkirk, Scotland.

The addition of rocketing energy bills nationwide is placing even more pressure on the household.

Mary was previously informed that the meter was faulty but her supplier, Scottish Power, insists the price is correct.

A spokesperson for the energy giant blamed the huge bills on the cost of running the Thermaflow heating system which was installed by Falkirk Council a decade ago.

More than 700 local authority houses in the area use the same heating system, the Daily Record reported.

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A Scottish Power spokesperson said: “Energy prices are going up due to the price of gas increasing so significantly, the council must find an appropriate, sustainable and more efficient solution that is less dependent on gas, helping to reduce the customers’ energy consumption and costs – building on the extensive support we have provided since the issue first came to light.

“We’re sorry for the confusion caused to Ms Quinn following the visit of a meter reader.

The meter in Ms Quinn’s property is correct, the meter reader misidentified Ms Quinn’s meter type with a different type of meter not in her property and the meter reader is not in a position to discuss customer tariffs and any ongoing consumption queries Ms Quinn has."

Other residents have had problems with their energy bills, including the meters going blank and not displaying their energy usage.

Amanda, who has a disabled son and is disabled herself, told the paper her meter has been blank for two weeks.

“I have no idea what kind of bill I’m going to be hit with," she said.

She added: “Many a week I’ve had to ask my elderly parents, who are on a pension, for money to put the meter and I’m so grateful to them – but it’s embarrassing.

“My kids are really good and they understand when they can’t get things but it makes me feel like a failure as a parent – I have to say ‘sorry, that money has to go in the meter’.

A Falkirk Council spokesperson said it is investing £5.5million in improving heating systems.

They said:“The installation of a gas infrastructure is planned to get underway during 2022/23, with completion expected in 2023/24.

"Additionally, for areas where gas supply is not viable, alternative heating solutions, including renewable technology measures such as Air Source Heat Pumps are being considered. 

“Utility companies are responsible for the operation and accuracy of meters in properties.”

Government ministers are considering making a one-off payment of £500 to families struggling with their energy bills.

The cost of gas and electricity is soaring for households across the country. One family found that their energy bill doubled when their fixed deal ended.

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