‘I’m an OnlyFans model and I love dating older men – they’re just better in bed’

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    When it comes to dating, age is just one of the many factors to consider as you seek your match.

    We bring all our prior life experience to any relationship, so how much does age really matter?

    One model who loves dating older men reckons more women should try it as it comes with many sexual benefits.

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    OnlyFans beauty Jamie Luna, 25, prefers to get down and dirty with an older fella than a bloke her own age.

    She believes they know their way around the bedroom and aren't selfish when it comes to sex.

    Now speaking to Daily Star, Jamie revealed her tips for taking it to the next level with an wiser man.

    The Los Angeles-based bombshell said: "I enjoy dating older men as they're mature, stable and know what they want.

    "They know their way around the bedroom and aren't selfish when it comes to these activities.

    "Be open to [dating older men]. You don't know if you like/don't like something unless you try it.

    "Ask questions about their interests. When dating an older man there is an age gap and interests are likely to differ."

    When it comes to the remarks and getting called a "gold digger", Jamie said you shouldn't care.

    She added: "Show them you can support yourself and securing their money is not your intention.

    "Don't care about what anyone thinks. You will get a lot of negative feedback from other people.

    "Remember, you are doing what makes you happy."

    Jamie started dating older men when she "got tired" of dealing with "f*** boys".

    She was ready for a serious relationship while the younger lads just fancied a fling.

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    And when it comes to the sex, Jamie insists it's "much different".

    She detailed: "I found guys around my age were not good at communicating what they enjoyed about sex.

    "Open communication in the bedroom is key to a great sex life.

    "In my experience, older men seem to be more interested in making me feel good, rather than getting themselves off."

    As for her best sexual experience, it happened on the balcony in Las Vegas, US.

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    She added: "There was a sofa on the balcony which overlooked the strip and I rode him reverse cowgirl with a view.

    "I felt incredibly free in that moment and I'll hold on it."

    Now sharing her tips for younger guys to make them more "mature" in bed, Jamie said to "stay on top of your hygiene".

    She continued: "Make sure you're manscaping and smell good. Don't go run a couple of miles then expect to have sex.

    "Before you have sex, communicate what you are into and ask what she is into. Don't be scared to ask."

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