I'm an Amazon Shopping Editor, and These Are the 10 Things I'm Buying to Get Me Through the Summer

Every time summer rolls around, I think I'm prepared, but I never am. The sweltering heat always gets the best of me, especially whilst walking the streets of NYC mid-heat wave. (Though achieving complete comfort in that scenario may never be possible.)

While I already have a few things that have helped me stay calm, cool, and collected — like my trustee La Roche-Posay face sunscreen and this Yeti tumbler that never leaves my side — I have a cart full of stuff on Amazon right now that will hopefully make the heat, and traveling in it, even more bearable. Here are the 10 summer essentials I'm planning on buying this month, plus a special bonus pick from one of my favorite brands:

  • Avene Thermal Spring Water Facial Mist, $9 
  • Ammax Silicone Travel Containers, 4 Pack, $9
  • HipHop Panda Bamboo Washcloths, 6 Pack, $10
  • Esarora Ice Roller for Face, $13
  • Icyzone Open Back Workout T-Shirt, $15
  • Jisulife Handheld Mini Fan, $15
  • Cupshe V-Neck One-Piece Swimsuit, $30
  • Grankee No Show High Waisted Thongs, 6 Pack, $22 
  • Lecieldusoir High Waisted Swim Shorts, $22 
  • Blue Lizard Sensitive Skin Mineral Sunscreen, SPF 30, $26
  • BONUS PICK: Burt's Bees All-Weather Lip Balm, SPF 15, $7

Esarora Ice Roller

This purchase is long overdue. The Esarora Ice Roller has enticed me ever since I came across it a few years ago, especially because it has thousands of enthusiastic reviews from shoppers. The best-selling product can be used for various things, from soothing irritated skin and depuffing the under-eye area to relieving sore muscles headaches. It's even esthetician-recommended — several estheticians that have reviewed it say they use it on both themselves and clients to reduce inflammation and swelling. I love that it'll keep me cool and has added beauty benefits.

Shop now: $13; amazon.com

Grankee No Show High Waisted Thongs

I will admit I'm not really a thong gal; I find most of them uncomfortable, especially on hot days. However, these moisture-wicking thongs from Grankee have won me over for several reasons — they have a cotton gusset, a wide waistband with a high fit, and a "no show" design, which means they aren't quite seamless, but also won't be visible under clothing. Plus, you get six for $22. They're top-sellers in two categories, and over 2,600 shoppers swear they're the "most comfortable thongs ever" that "fit like a dream and breathe easy."

Shop now: $22; amazon.com

Blue Lizard Sensitive Skin Mineral Sunscreen

I'm in the market for a safe body sunscreen I can use everyday without worrying about breakouts or skin irritation, and it seems like this is the one. A lot of people love Blue Lizard's mineral sunscreen because it's dermatologist-recommended, paraben- and fragrance-free, and reef-friendly (meaning it doesn't contain oxybenzone or octinoxate). Tons of shoppers with sun and sunscreen allergies and generally sensitive skin love it, so I'm sold. It seems like it's in demand, too — the smaller five-ounce bottle is currently backordered, but the eight-ounce bottle is in stock.

Shop now: $26; amazon.com

Avene Thermal Spring Water Facial Mist

I already stocked up on Avene's face mist during Prime Day, but I use it so much that I anticipate needing more towards the end of the month. I've described it as "magical water" to people, which is pretty accurate: The key ingredient is thermal spring water, a soothing antioxidant water that helps reduce redness and irritation. I use it multiple times a day, from prepping my skin for serums and moisturizer to using it as an afternoon pick-me-up. It can be used to alleviate everything from itchiness to a sunburn to post-shaving irritation. It's truly just what you need in your bag on a hot day.

Shop now: $9; amazon.com

Cupshe V-Neck One-Piece Swimsuit

This was supposed to be another Prime Day purchase of mine, but it fell off my (long) wishlist. I'm still going to get it, though, because I really want a v-neck swimsuit. I've actually had good luck with two other one-pieces from Amazon — this cute ruched one and this fun zippered option — so I have high hopes this time around, too. It's from customer-loved brand Cupshe, and over 4,200 shoppers have nothing but good things to say about it. One shopper even said it's the "best bathing suit" they've ever owned because it's so "classy and flattering."

Shop now: $30; amazon.com

Lecieldusoir High Waisted Swim Shorts

Speaking of swimsuits, I love a cheeky cut, but sometimes I just want to show up to the beach or pool in shorts. Apparently, a comfy pair of high-waisted swim shorts are hard to find, but these look promising. I like that they have a ruched design with adjustable ties, and most shoppers have pretty good things to say about them. One customer wrote that they're a "super easy, fuss-free choice for all day swimwear," and that they stayed put while "in and out of the water, sitting, standing, swimming, [and] walking."

Shop now: $22; amazon.com

Jisulife Handheld Mini Fan

I never thought I'd be a handheld fan kind of person, but here I am. I'm planning on commuting back into the office soon, and I can't even fathom riding the subway during 90 degree weather without this fan. It's really cute and also functions as a flashlight and power bank for your phone since it has a USB output. I also plan on using it as a part of my skincare routine to help my skin dry faster after applying Avene's face mist.

Shop now: $16; amazon.com 

Icyzone Open Back Workout T-Shirt

I've recently gotten into wearing activewear tees because they're light, breezy, and actually keep me cooler than tank tops. I also burn easily on my chest and shoulders if I forget to reapply sunscreen, so I'm trying to be better about covering those areas up on days with blazing sun. I really love GapFit's Breathe Cropped T-Shirts and own them in a few colors, but they're popular and not always in stock in my size. Alternatively, I love this fun option from Icyzone that looks like it has a similar fit but with an open back design, which I think will look cute with these strappy bra tops I bought recently.

Shop now: $15; amazon.com

HipHop Panda Bamboo Washcloths

I do realize these are technically made for babies, but we should all be treating our skin with the same kind of gentle touch that newborns require, TBH. I have a collection of regular face towels that I've been using for years, but for some reason this summer my skin is more sensitive than ever and not happy with them. The texture is too rough, so I'm swapping them out for these washcloths that are "softer than a baby's bottom." A few people use them for their skincare routines, too, and say they're "excellent" for that purpose.

Shop now: $10; amazon.com

Ammax Silicone Travel Containers

Travelling is back on my agenda this summer, which means I need to find practical ways to pack my entire skincare routine while I'm on the go. A few years ago I bought some silicone jars from Amazon that both my boyfriend and I loved, so I'm stocking up on a few more since my last batch has gone missing (travel bottles are the equivalent of hair ties for me, they always disappear). This brand also makes a set of silicone tubes that I'll be grabbing as well for my shampoo and more liquid-y products.

Shop now: $9; amazon.com

Burt’s Bees All-Weather Lip Balm

These Burt's Bees lip balms are a bonus addition to my cart since they only ship on orders over $25. I didn't even know Burt's Bees made an SPF balm, but I'm so glad that it does. I love all things Burt's Bees — especially its sensitive skin face cleanser that I use every morning — and am excited for these balms because I always forget to apply sunscreen to my lips. They're made with zinc oxide and emollient ingredients like shea butter and olive oil.

Shop now: $7; amazon.com

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