I'm a dating coach and here are three ways women can get men to commit

I’m a dating coach and these are three things I think women should do to make men commit

  • Jacob Lucas is a professional UK dating coach and TikTok content creator
  • He shared three things he says will make men commit in relationships in a video
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A dating coach has revealed three things he thinks people should do if they want to encourage the person they are dating to commit to the relationship.  

According to UK-based coach Jacob Lucas, he has ‘helped millions of people get the love life they have always wanted through his real-life methods’. 

As well as working directly with clients, he makes dating content on TikTok, where he has some 734,000 followers.

In a recent clip, Jacob outlined three things he thinks women in heterosexual relationships should do to encourage men to commit.    

Speaking in the video, Jacob says: ‘I am a professional dating coach and these are three ways to get a man to commit to you.’

UK-based dating coach Jacob Lucas (pictured) has shared a video on TikTok outlining three tips he says can make someone commit to a relationship

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Starting with his first point, the dating coach says: ‘Number one, make him emotionally invest in you before you start a physical relationship with him. 

‘This is why should wait until at least three dates until you start a physical relationship with him.’

He explains that by getting to know a potential partner over a few dates, they are able to get a sense of ‘your lovely personality’. 

Moving on to his second point, Jacob continues: ‘Number two [is] never put in more effort with him than he is putting in with you. 

‘If you keep putting in more effort than he does, he will start to think he’s a little bit extra special, get too comfortable, and start playing silly games with you because he thinks that he can have you whenever he wants you. 

‘But you need to let him know he’s not higher value than you, and you need to keep him on his toes.’

His third, and final, point is that people should ‘create a sense of urgency and competition’ when they are starting to date someone.

He  says: ‘[This is] so he needs to think that you have other options and if he does not commit to you he will be replaced.’

The first of Jacob’s (pictured) tips is to start to get to know someone before having a physical relationship with them – he suggests having a few dates first

Responses to the video were mixed, with some viewers describing the tips as ‘facts’, but others questioning whether any of the tips could be considered manipulative.

One viewer wrote: ‘The first, sure, but the other two are manipulative. You should move on if you have to do them.’

However, another commentator said they shared his opinion, writing: ‘These are pure facts!’

And a third added: ‘Absolutely agree. Plus I truly believe we women are absolutely worth it.’

The video garnered some mixed responses, with some questioning whether the tips could be seen as manipulative, but others describing them as ‘pure facts’

This latest clip followed a two-part video the dating coach shared recently that went viral, amassing 6million views, in which he outlined ‘bare minimum’ things he believes men should do for their female partners in relationships.

In his videos, Jacob suggested that if men want to ensure their romantic relationships with women run smoothly, there are several behaviours they should ensure they implement.

In the first part of the video, he said they should be responsive on the phone, take their partner out on a date at least once a week, and be your biggest cheerleader, as well as communicate his schedule, and always make you feel wanted.

Following up with a further five things, Jacob said men should not flirt with other women when in a relationship, and they should do their fair share of housework.

He added that they should take a genuine interest in your life, not be dismissive when you open up about your feelings, and finally, should show genuine affection.

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