‘I’m a bisexual woman and my partner came out as transgender man after 8 months’

A bisexual woman whose partner came out as a transgender man says they're happier than ever.

Sierra Kai and Mitch James, both 19, met through TikTok on October 2021 and hit it off instantly.

Their bond was so pure that the lovebirds decided to move in together in March 2022.

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They started living together in Mitch's place in New Mexico, then four months later, he came out as a transgender man.

And the pair's relationship has gone from strength-to-strength since the news.

He came out after Sierra prompted him to think about his gender identity as he'd "never thought about it before".

Mitch said: "I was still trying to find myself and Sierra has always been so supportive of me.

"One day we were lying in bed and I just had a feeling like I've got to tell her. I told her I think I'm a guy."

He added: "I wasn't really scared, I was just nervous.

"I didn't ever think she wouldn't support me, I just really wanted to make sure I was making the right choice."

Sierra, who identifies as gender fluid and bisexual, added: "Nothing's really changed.

"It's almost connected us more because he had the courage to tell me and come out.

"He's more himself now as well and we never ever argue."

The young couple have been head-over-heels for each other from their initial meeting over FaceTime in October 2021.

A month later, Sierra drove 9 hours from her home in Arizona to visit Mitch in New Mexico.

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The pair immediately made their relationship official and have been inseparable since.

They've racked up a huge following with Sierra on 4.8million fans, while Mitch boasts 161,000 admirers.

Although the couple are happy with their relationship, they receive some hateful comments online.

Sierra said people are "trying to get their 10 seconds of validation" and she'll defend Mitch from the bad messages.

Some of their followers were confused when Mitch began transitioning.

But the couple set out to explain the situation in a bid to educate on how transitioning works.

Despite receiving some nasty messages, the pair focus on the "positive' remarks and rely on each other for support.

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Mitch said: "Sierra's support means everything to me.

"If I have a low day she knows my love language is physical touch, so she holds me or hugs me to help.

"She reminds me of good things about myself and that I'm handsome – it makes me love her 10 times more."

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