‘I went to a festival with my sanitary towel on show – periods are normal’

When most women are on their periods, comfy clothes and pants are often a go to which can help aid any discomfort.

However, for Nadya Okamoto this was certainly not the case.

Having come on her period at a festival, the author and sustainable period care product owner did not want to leave her flamboyant gear hanging up in the wardrobe.

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Not only did Nadya switch out some comfies for a pair of pink knickers and a bra made from sanitary towel wrappers, she didn’t even try to hide that it was her time of the month.

Instead of inserting the likes of a tampon or a cup, the businesswoman decided to wear a sanitary towel that poked through her pants.

Nadya has now gone viral on TikTok for a series of videos that showed her dancing to the music at Electric Forest festival.

The influencer embraced the music as she pranced around with her pad peeping out of her undies.

As she grooved to the beat of the festival sounds, Nadya relayed a common phrase she is asked by people about her on-show sanitary towel wearing.

“Did you really wear the pad out for people to see?”

The brand owner simply replied “yes” as she continued to dance with the period product on show.

Despite being confident in her August biodegradable sanitary towel, some people questioned as to why she would want to publicly show off she was on her period.

Nadya explained: “As you all know, you can’t really plan when you get your period and I was actually on my period at Electric Forest. And I wasn’t going to let my period stop me from wearing what I wanted.

“I don’t think anybody should have that, and yes, we did some product promotion.”

Although Nadya is comfortable for flashing her pad, not everyone was so convinced about the public display of sanitary products.

One person questioned: “Why not wear a tampon.”

Another user added: “No this is too far.”

While a third voiced: “Girl this is a bit too much.”

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Someone else slammed: “I get what you’re trying to prove but it’s too much. It’s respect…for you and for the people around you.”

However, others praised Nadya for showing that periods are natural.

One woman cheered: “Bleeding is natural! She has a pad, she isn’t free bleeding on everyone! Live your life sis!”

A second wrote: “I don’t see anything wrong with this.”

This person commended: “Girl you are brave, I could never.”

And, a fourth user defended: “I honestly don’t get why people are hating? She’s literally just wearing what she wants to.”


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