I want to argue with my girlfriend – so she'll agree to split up with me

She is 28 and I’m 30. I’ve been dating her for seven years. We constantly argue and rarely have sex.

I’m now falling in love with another woman at work and want to go on a break from my girlfriend just to see how things would go with this other woman. She’s 27.

I keep arguing with myself over this whole situation. I do still love my partner but not as much as I did.

DEIDRE SAYS: Are you hoping you’ll be able to push some of the blame for a break-up on to your girlfriend?

You don’t have to create the drama of yet another row, just tell her the relationship isn’t working for you any more and you think it’s best to end it.

There’s no guarantee the other girl will want to hook up with you but it’s wrong to try to keep your girlfriend as a backstop.

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