‘I quit my job to become stay-at-home girlfriend – he’s like my son sometimes’

A woman revealed she's "happy" with her life after quitting her teaching job to become a stay-at-home girlfriend.

Summer Hawkins, 28, met her 27-year-old property mogul boyfriend Biggs Chris on social media last year.

The couple arranged their first meeting at a club where they spent the entire night and weekend together.

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Then around five months into their relationship, Biggs asked Summer to move from London to Glasgow to be with him.

Before moving 400 miles to be with her new boyfriend, she worked as a teacher in the capital.

But not only was her role at a primary school stressful, the ex-teacher hated the amount she'd spend on rent.

Now after quitting her job to become a stay-at-home girlfriend, Summer has never been happier, reports Mirror.

She said: "Every morning I get up before my boyfriend and turn the shower on so it's nice and hot for him.

"Then I make him a hot chocolate and he tells me what he wants for breakfast.

"Whatever he wants, he gets, whether that's chicken and rice or an egg sandwich."

After giving him a kiss goodbye as he heads off to work, Summer then begins her cleaning routine.

She'll begin with the lounge before heading to the kitchen, bedrooms and finally the bathroom.

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In the afternoon, Summer spends it running errands like walking their dog Prince, shopping and going to the gym.

And when Biggs returns, the couple spend quality time together, going out for a film and dinner or chilling on the sofa.

Occasionally her boyfriend shows his appreciation by washing up his own plate after breakfast.

He also brings her flowers, chocolate and teddies as he tells her "Thank you for making the house a home".

On occasion, he'll spoil her with designer bags and shoes.

Summer added: "I don't have an allowance. He pays for everything and gives me money when I need it.

"If we're going out together he'll transfer me money to buy a new outfit.

"He looks after the mortgage, bills and petrol, and I take care of him. He's like my son sometimes.

"My life wasn't always like this. I used to have a career as a teacher at a primary school but I was stressed.

"Now I don't have a single stress in my life, so when Biggs is stressed I can give my complete attention to him."

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At first, Summer's family and friends had reservations as her mum told her "You're like a 1950s housewife".

But now they're happy for her after seeing how much it works for her.

"I just want to focus on getting to the next milestones of marriage and babies," Summer claimed.

"I was put on this earth to be a mum."

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