I make $15,000 a month from my side hustle of reselling cheap products from Marshalls on Amazon for huge profits | The Sun

A WOMAN shared how she makes $15,000 a month on Amazon by reselling products from Marshalls.

Yamie, known as yamie_the_realtor on TikTok, said she resells products for five times the price she bought them for.

In her video, she showed how she resold two Sephora primers.

She purchased them at Marshall's for $3.99 each.

Next, she removed the price tags and sold them on Amazon for $22.54 each.

Yamie explained that she buys postage to ship the primers to customers from Amazon, which cost her $8.

“I do not send anything to the Amazon warehouse, I keep everything on hand at home [because] the profit is bigger,” she said.

Yamie showed her bi-weekly payouts, which were all more than $4,000, with some over $7,000.

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That is more than five times the price that she bought it for.

Some people were concerned about this method of reselling products, but others thought it was a great side hustle.

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