‘I got death threats for flaunting cellulite in bikini – but won’t cover up’

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    A bikini babe received death threats for simply flaunting her curves and cellulite at the beach.

    Swimwear designer Karina Irby is known for showing off her designs to her over 1.2m Instagram followers.

    And in a recent post, she revealed she's received death threats for showing what natural bodies look like.

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    To show people she's not afraid to be herself, Karina posted another candid snap of herself in a bikini.

    She looked both happy and confident in the image, which she shared in a bid to "stand up for herself" and spread a body positive message.

    Karina said people shouldn't be afraid to be themselves – and she's not ashamed of who she is.

    To remind people every body is a bikini body, she posed for the camera wearing skimpy blue swimwear.

    Writing on Instagram, Karina said: "Is my butt really to die for?

    "Ok but serious question – why, when I show off my cellulite, belly and eczema receive A LOT of hate–- when other women who post similar content only receive positivity and praise?

    "Don’t get me wrong. I see all my positive comments and love you all!

    "But the amount of negative opinions, death threats and judgement is truly INSANE!

    "My comments can be toxic and my DM’s have been flooded with the most vile words.

    "All because of what exactly? My cellulite?

    "At this point, if my cellulite makes you that upset then YOU are the problem."

    Since she shared the post over 26,000 people have liked it, and hundreds of people commented too.

    People were quick to offer support, and tell Karina her posts work to help and inspire a lot of people.

    One person said: "Death threats over cellulite. The damn world has gone crazy."

    Another added: "It's because your self-love intimidates people and gives other people permission to do the same. Keep shining queen."

    Meanwhile, a third commented: "You inspire me every goddamn day. Please keep going."


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