‘I get free drinks & trips because of my looks – it’s caused a stir with pals’

Most people would love to be considered beautiful, but one young woman has claimed that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Lily Pitfield, 25, from London, opened up about how her stunning looks have come between her and her pals because she’s treated differently to them.

The fashion assistant admits she’s experienced pretty privilege and gets free drinks, entry to clubs and extra “kind treatment” that her mates don’t.

Speaking to the Sun, Lily said: “I’ve lost some pals in the past because they didn’t like me being the centre of attention, even though I really didn’t want to be.

“Others refused to invite me to their birthday parties as they were worried I’d steal the limelight.

“It’s frustrating because I'm kind, goofy and humble and was raised to be beautiful inside and out.”

Lily first realised her looks could be beneficial when she was 18 and people started to send her free drinks.

A bloke sent over a beverage and the young woman said she was shocked and felt pleased.

Lily claims the free drinks have her a confidence boost – and the kind treatment continued into her 20s.

Men often single her out on nights out too.

The fashion lover noted: “Up until then I had no idea how you look could influence how you’re treated.

“It's caused a stir with my friends as they don't get the same treatment, but I can't help it.”

Lily added that she never expects to be given free drinks, queue jump or free entry but that it happens to her anyway.

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And, she’s treated like a celebrity on holiday too.

Once, a super yacht owner spotted her on the beach and asked if she’d like to spend the day on his ship.

She enjoyed a day of drinks and food on board.

Lily added: “He wasn't after anything in return, he just said he hoped me being there would attract the ‘cool crowd’.

“My family and friends remind me not everyone gets this treatment so I'm always grateful.

“Strangers are always nice to me, and I seem to always get what I want.”

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