I gave my boyfriend a makeover when he fell asleep on his birthday

My boyfriend fell asleep at 7.30pm during his birthday celebrations – so I gave him a glamorous make-over as revenge!

  • Alex King, 25, and Damien Harris, 23, of Birmingham, planned to celebrate 
  • But Damien fell fast asleep at 7.30pm – leaving girlfriend Alex annoyed  
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A girlfriend got so annoyed when her partner fell asleep on his birthday that she gave him a glamorous makeover including false eyelashes and lipstick.

Alex King, 25, from Birmingham, had been looking forward to spoiling her boyfriend Damien Harris, 23, on his January birthday, but he fell asleep at 7.30pm.

The call assessor decided to take revenge by covering his face in foundation, blusher, eyeshadow and false eyelashes while he slept.

Construction worker Damien Harris, 23, slept through the whole thing and woke up to find his eyelashes stuck together with eyelash glue and a full face of makeup.

Footage posted on TikTok shows Damien blissfully unaware with his arm stretched out above his head in a flamboyant pose.

Alex said: ‘We were away for his birthday and he decided to fall asleep early instead of spend the rest of his birthday awake so I thought I’d give him a makeover.

‘He hadn’t been drinking but we’d been out the whole day so he was knackered as usual. He’s always been a deep sleeper, he could sleep through an earthquake.

‘I told him I was going to put a moisturiser on which he was fine with so he was slightly awake at that point. 

‘He fell asleep so I did eyebrows, foundation, lashes, lipstick. I was holding in my laugh so I didn’t wake him.

‘When I put the eyelashes on, his eyelashes got glued together so when he woke up, he couldn’t open his eyes.

‘He didn’t stir at all and I was doing it for a good half an hour.

‘I woke him up to get his reaction, he couldn’t open his eyes because they were all stuck together. He was quite confused asking what I’d done to him.’

The couple, who have been together since September, were holidaying in a log cabin in Leominster, Herefordshire, celebrating Damien’s birthday when Alex gave him the glam transformation.

Damien Harris, 23, from Birmingham was given a glamorous make-over by his girlfriend while he was asleep

Construction worker Damien Harris, 23, with his girlfriend Alex King, 25, who planned to celebrate his birthday  

Funny photos on TikTok show Damien fast asleep and stretched out following his hilarious make-over

Damien Harris, pictured here with his make-over applied to him by his fun-loving girlfriend Alex

Damien Harris, 23, and his girlfriend Alex King, 25, who gave him the make-over when he fell asleep 

Viewers on social media found the make-over hilarious, with some even asking for one themselves 

After sharing a video of Damien’s makeover on social media, it has attracted more than 1,000 views with hundred of comments.

The video shows Alex applying moisturiser, bronzer, concealer, pink lipstick, long eyelashes and highlighter as well as defining Damien’s eyebrows and giving him a smoky eye.

Alex said: ‘I uploaded the video before he woke up and it already had 1,000 views so he woke up to himself all over TikTok. He was like “what the hell”.

‘He thought he was going to be famous. People were calling him a pretty boy and asking how he could have slept through it all.’

One wrote: ‘Jesus, he sleeps through a lot.’

While another said: ‘Can you do mine I want to wake up like this.’

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