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A MAN got more than he bargained for when he headed to McDonald's for his breakfast – to the tune of $5,000.

Josiah Vargas was left stunned when he discovered wads of cash nestled in his takeaway bag next to his McMuffin.

The fast-food fanatic filmed the moment he found the small fortune as he went to tuck into his breakfast sandwich.

The TikToker made no secret of his surprise in the clip as he sat in his car following his extraordinary trip through the drive-through.

He explained he had been handed his sausage McMuffin in a plastic bag at the McDonald's branch, before delving inside.

But the ravenous customer soon lost his appetite after realizing he had accidentally acquired thousands of dollars in cash.

"Well what's in this bag? Their f*****g deposit," Josiah said in the video that's amassed over 286,000 likes.

"Just a couple thousand dollars here. Like what is this?"

He showed himself rifling through the McDonald's bag that was brimming with bundles of money.

The notes had been separated into several smaller ziplock bags – prompting the TikToker to realize what mistake had been made.

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He believes the banknotes were the store's takings that were due to be deposited.

The halfhearted Good Samaritan continued: "So now I have to return it because I'm a good person, I guess.

"How interesting. Why would you guys do this to me? You know how bad I want this money!"

Josiah then grabbed the bag and headed inside the fast food chain to return the misplaced funds.

He captured the incredible moment he handed back the cash as panicked workers applauded his integrity.

The customer can be heard joking with staff: "Are you guys laundering money around here?"

He places the bag on the counter while relieved employees exclaim: "Oh my God!"

They then heaped praise on Josiah, with one even dubbing him a "blessing from God."

"I really wanna give you a hug," another grateful employee added.

The heartwarming video quickly went viral as social media users swooned over Josiah's honorable deed.

He returned to his car to continue his vlog discussing his bizarre breakfast experience.

"I cut that short, but they were just all hugging me and thanking me and crying," he said while smiling shyly.

"And I get free McDonald's for a month a guess."

The TikToker later claimed he was called back into the store and gifted $200 for returning the cash.

"Do good people! Return $5,000 and get $200 and free McDonald's for a month. Good trade value."

But in a follow-up video, Josiah said that no one recognized him for his kind act when he returned to grab another meal.

"They put my name down and my number, and I had to pay for my two McChickens and a Sprite, which is fine" he said.

"I'm not too worried about it."

Commenters praised Vargas for finding the willpower to return the money instead of hitting the road with a wad of cash.

One wrote: "It's called integrity, doing the right thing even when no one is looking! Great job."

Another commented: "Someone kept their job because you did the right thing. Good on you man."

A third said: "Your smile when you got back in the car. You're an incredible human being."

And a fourth added: "Nice! That $200 is worth all the good karma for helping those workers."

However, other users joked about claiming the money for themselves and said there was no chance they would return it.

"Ok but in all seriousness that amount wouldn’t phase the corporation a bit," another user said.

"The workers and their jobs on the other hand…you’re awesome for doing that."

And another wrote: "Nah, I'm McKeeping that."

We previously told how a Tennessee couple made a similar find in their bag of fast food after visiting McDonald's.

Greg and Stacye Terry found thousands of dollars instead of their breakfast order before realising they had been handed the restaurant's takings.

The considerate couple returned the cash immediately and said they "couldn't live with themselves" if they kept it.

But this KFC customer admitted she was tempted to hold on to the funds she found hidden in her chicken sandwich.

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