I feel a spark between myself and my mate but she has a boyfriend

I feel a romantic connection between myself and my mate but she has a boyfriend. He is a good pal of mine, too.

I’m a guy of 20 and my friend is 19. Her boyfriend is 21. They’ve been dating for six months and seem happy. Sometimes we all go out.

I have become quite close to her and she is everything I would want in a girlfriend.

We share the same tastes in music, fashion and even support the same football team.

But I know if I say something it’ll ruin our friendship. My mate would never speak to me again.

DEIDRE SAYS: She isn’t available even if she does like you.

If your heart is set on her, you’ll just have to see if their relationship comes to a natural end. Then you could see if she’s interested.

Stop going around with them so much. Build a separate social life so you have plenty of opportunity to meet other girls.

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