‘I didn’t feel an instant connection with my first baby – I just wanted to nap’

A woman has shared her moments where she's "blamed" herself for handing over her firstborn to her husband to take care of.

Mum-of-three Anneliese King didn't feel an "instant" connection with her first child and just wanted to give her son to her husband so she could nap.

"When everyone tells you that your heart will be 'full' when you have children," she explained in an Instagram post.

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"But neglect to mention that they also fill you with worry, loneliness, exhaustion, impatience, and complete, utter self-doubt as you wonder whether or not you're doing a good job or totally screwing them up."

She later realised that she had postpartum stress disorder and she wasn't the only one suffering the mood swings.

"He [my son] felt huge in my arms, and if I'm being completely honest, he felt out of place," Anneliese added.

"I never heard this was even possible, but years later, turns out it is actually common. So why did I have to spend so many months blaming myself for feeling this way?"

Many women felt the same as Anneliese and some shared their thoughts, with one saying: "This needs to be spoken of way more often because us mums are experiencing it more and more and stay quiet because we just think that it is us.

"It's our hormones and we need to take care of us too!"

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Another said she felt horrible for "not trying harder" to take care of her three daughters and she also felt she was alone dealing the issue.

"Adjusting being a mum and this new life was extremely hard and I suffered from postpartum as well, thank you for sharing and being real," another added.


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