I can't stop wondering if my girlfriend's ex was better in bed than me

We have been together for two years. I am 22, she is 20.

She lost her virginity to her ex and it upsets me as I think about whether she is the same in bed with me.

She has never said whose manhood is bigger but she had kinky sex with him yet refused with me, saying some positions would be too painful as I am too big.

It upsets me that she would do this with someone else but not me. Worrying over this issue really drags me down.

DEIDRE SAYS: She has chosen to be with you, not her ex, so stop taunting yourself about the past.

Pleasurable sex should not be painful. If she does not want to have sex in certain positions, you should not pressure her.

My e-leaflet Manhood Too Large? explains how to enjoy sex that is pain-free for your girlfriend.

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