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COLDPLAY: A Head Full of Dreams, documents the British band's rise to fame, and is available to stream on Amazon Video now.

Filmed over 20 years by a friend of the group, Mat Whitecross it includes footage from their early days – and you can watch it for free.

If you're keen on the rock pop group, this is definitely one for you to watch.

You'll find never-before-seen footage of the band's early days that fans will certainly appreciate.

And the good news is it can be watched for free on Amazon Prime, by signing up to a 30-day trial.

The membership will also bring other perks: from free next day delivery on Prime products, to music streaming and photo storage.

Although if you don't want to keep the subscription going, you'll need to cancel within the period to avoid being charged.

  • Watch Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams on Amazon free – watch here

Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams, released in 2018 for a single day in cinemas, is now only available to watch on Prime as it's an Amazon exclusive.

The film itself was born out of friendship – with Mat Whitecross befriending the band before they were famous.

He said of the documentary, to Rte: "I wanted to be a filmmaker from an early age so I used to film everything anyway.

"So I nicked my dad’s camera and filmed anything that was happening, people in the kitchen in college, student demos, and it just so happened that a lot of people I gravitated toward were musicians".

"There were three big bands in college, one of which was Coldplay. I just loved musicians, I loved music, I think in another life I would have loved to be in a band, so I just started hanging out with them and they put up with me."

Whitecross blends live performances in the movie by the boys with exclusive interviews and unseen footage to create their story.

The band wasn't initially keen on the release of it, but according to an interview Whitecross did with Rte, having seeing Oasis' Supersonic documentary the band agreed.

At just 104 minutes long, you'll easily be able to watch the film within a 30-day Prime subscription – leaving you with ample time left to check out the other movies and TV series Amazon has to offer.

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