How to rejuvenate strands of broken by home-dying before salons reopen

Elsa McAlonan’s Beauty Upgrades: How to rejuvenate strands of broken hair before salons reopen

  • Elsa McAlonan reveals how to rejuvenate your broken hair before salons reopen
  • The British beauty expert also shares how to tell if your skin is dry or dehydrated
  • She also explains how you can get Mrs Hinch’s fluttering eyelashes for just £19


If you’re counting down these last seven days until salons open, prepare for that longed-for cut or colour with a ‘bond fixer’ — supercharged treatments that rejuvenate strands broken by home-dyeing and heat styling.

Elsa McAlonan revealed products that can help rejuvenate the strands of your hair that have been broken by home hair-dying and heat styling before salons reopen (stock image)

To ease split ends, try Redken Acidic Perfecting Concentrate, which contains citric acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that strengthens weakened bonds. 

For dry hair, opt for Bb. Bond-Building Repair Treatment with moisturising honey. 

For added protection, try The Inkey List PCA Bond Repair Hair Treatment, which uses sunflower seed extract to fight against free radicals and UV rays, and a black oat extract to improve hair structure. 


The Body Shop’s White Musk scent is celebrating its 40th birthday this year, and to mark the occasion the brand has launched three fragrance toppers (£10 each).

These can be layered with the original eau de parfum (£22), which is now bottled in 42 per cent recyclable glass.

Choose from White Musk Radical, with citrus and earthy notes; White Musk Lover, with warming floral tones; or the mineral scent of White Musk Free. 

Choose from White Musk Radical, with citrus and earthy notes; White Musk Lover, with warming floral tones; or the mineral scent of White Musk Free. 

Choose from White Musk Radical, with citrus and earthy notes; White Musk Lover, with warming floral tones; or the mineral scent of White Musk Free. 


The British beauty expert also shared how to get Mrs Hinch’s (pictured in September 2018) fluttering eyelashes using London’s Triple Threat Mascara, priced at just £19

Queen of Clean, Mrs Hinch, is almost as famous for her fluttery eyelashes as she is for her spotless floors, thanks to Iconic London’s Triple Threat Mascara (£19, iconic

The cleaning guru, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, swears by the slimline brush, which lets you get to the root for a fuller, more defined lash line. 

The long-lasting, vegan formula promises dramatic volume, and won’t weigh down your lashes, either.


Sick of skin problems caused by hormone fluctuations? 

Look no further than the Prai Beauty MenoGlow range, co-created by M&S. 

The Hot Flush Cool Fix Serum (from Thursday) is perfect for addressing signs of ageing triggered by collagen loss in menopausal skin. 


Believe it or not, there is a difference. Aesthetic doctor and GP Dr Rabia Malik explains: ‘Dry skin is an actual skin type, like combination or oily skin. Dry skin has fewer oil-producing glands than normal skin.’

Flakiness, redness and a scaly texture are all symptoms of a dry complexion. ‘Many people with dry skin are lacking essential fatty acids in their diet, so increasing your intake of oily fish, seeds and nuts can help,’ says Dr Malik.

Dehydrated skin, on the other hand, is a condition caused by a lack of water in the outermost layer of the skin.

To boost hydration, try the Medik8 Hydr8 B5 serum, which is infused with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5. 


Morphe 2 Lippie Lullaby Lip Mask is enriched with hydrating squalane and shea butter to prevent flaking, while hibiscus and watermelon extracts nourish lips. 

Catrice Cosmetics Lip Pyjama Night Mask uses hyaluron gel and cranberry extract to soothe lips, while melatonin and lavender oil aid relaxation at bedtime. 

Dr. PawPaw Overnight Lip Mask is packed with softening olive oil and aloe vera, as well as peptides to stimulate collagen, which smoothes fine lines. 


The record-breaking warm weather last week was a reminder that soon we will be baring more flesh again, and, as usual, the beauty industry is ready to assist — step forward Sisley’s Le Sculpteur, a luxurious firming and toning body treatment.

The ‘reshaping’ formula promises to minimise the look of cellulite in just 14 days, smoothing the skin while helping to contour the body.

Pink pepper oil, caffeine, white ginger, mandarin and cedarwood oil extract combine for a dimple-busting formula, while the lavender, sage, marjoram and rosemary fragrance leaves you smelling gorgeous.

It’s a pampering treat and the end result gets you a step closer to braving those shorts.

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