How to Get the Old Hollywood Waves You See on Every Red Carpet

Throughout my career as a beauty editor, I’ve seen Old Hollywood waves show up on each and every red carpet I’ve ever reported on (which, FYI, is a lot), yet I’ve never, ever figured out an easy way to get the classic look for myself. That’s why I called in Giovanni Vaccaro, the creative director of Glamsquad, to help me figure it out. 

The good news? Getting those vintage, cascading waves is a whole lot easier than it looks. The bad news? You do need some handiwork with a curling iron. 

If you’re like me, and your curls always lose shape, this how-to will be a game-changer. Vaccaro started the look by curling the hair in sections. Then, he pinned each curl up to let them cool and spritzed each tendril with flexible hairspray. While the curls are cooling, they’re actually being set in place. This is what helps the curls maintain their shape throughout the day. 

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Another key to acing this look probably seems counterintuitive. After Vaccaro curled my entire head, he unclipped the curls and brushed them out in sections. This created the ripple effect that you always see on celebrities like Emma Stone and Taylor Swift. 

To get a visual on the whole process and to learn more of Vaccaro’s genius tricks, be sure to watch the video above. 

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