How to avoid hanger and folding marks with your winter-ready wardrobe

The colder temperatures are coming which means we say goodbye to our vest tops and shorts and swap them for our cosy jumpers and knitted essentials.

It might seem like an exhausting task to tackle the dreaded wardrobe sort out, but we previously showed you how to maximise your closet space using pull rings so you should feel like a professional by now.

One of the most common annoyances after you've done the sorting out is when you go to get a certain piece from your wardrobe and its got weird notches and folding marks from the hangers.

Well, take this concern away as OK! 's Fashion Stylist and Writer Scott Wells shows you in the video at the top of the article how to avoid this problem with ease.

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Before getting into it, this can be done with any item of clothing that you might hang in your wardrobes, especially any delicate fabrics such as cashmere or pure cotton.

Firstly, lay your item on a flat surface and fold it over in half vertically so that the arms are laying on top of one another.

Then place the hook of the hanger on top of the armpit section with it facing away from the clothing.

Folding tops

Once you've done this, you then take the arms and fold these back over the hanger.

Do the same with the hem of top, folding it back over the hanger once again so that is lays the same as the previous step — the hanger should be encased inside..

Lastly all you had to do is pick up the hanger and you will see that it is neatly folded and ready to be hung away.

Folding trousers

Firstly, fold your trousers in half vertically, then lay them on a flat surface.

Place the hanger about a third of the way town from the hem and thread this section through the hanger (see picture above for reference).

Then all you have to do is, get the two side belt loops and pop these over the hook.

Bonus tips

If you find that your clothes fall off of your hangers easily, then swap these out for non-slip alternatives such as velvet or rubbed scooped hangers — not only will these prevent clothes falling but they're also great space savers.

As well as this, if you're hanging delicate fabrics such as silk, when using hangers with clips, simply pop some tissue in-between the clothes and the clips so that they don't leave any marks.

If you want to take folding to the next level, try putting a sheet of tissue paper between the layers to soften the clothes when they're piled on top of one another.

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