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HOUSEHOLDS are being warned about potential power cuts this winter as energy prices soar.

Blackouts could be introduced in case of an emergency due to a shortage of gas.

The National Grid is warning of power cuts at peak times – potentially in the evenings when it's dark outside.

It said the number of people left without electricity would depend on how many gas power stations would be forced to shut down because there is not enough gas.

In order to prevent planned power cuts, households will be paid to turn down their heating and not use their washing machines at peak times to save the country as much energy as possible.

If the power cuts do go ahead, it will be the first time there has been controlled blackouts since the 1970s. 


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This means some electrical and vampire appliances may be turned off.

If you are without power for any length of time you will want to keep an eye on your fridge freezer.

Many of us rely on a freezer to stock up on food and keep grocery bills low.

Your fridge will keep food safe for up to four hours during a power outage, according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

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Keep the door closed as much as possible to give your food the best chance of lasting.

Discard refrigerated perishable food such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and leftovers after four hours without power.

After a power outage, never taste food to determine its safety. 

The FSA says a full freezer will hold a safe temperature for approximately 48 hours or 24 hours if it is half full and the door remains closed.

Food may be safely refrozen if it still contains ice crystals, or is at 4C or below, however, its quality may suffer. 

Of course, most households will also have foods that don't need to be cooked or stored in a fridge freezer that will remain safe to eat.

Otherwise, even if it's to save on money, your fridge should stay on 24 hours-a-day.

In fact, experts recommend you never turn off your fridge, as it could pose a serious risk to your health.

How do you prepare for a power cut?

Some appliances should be unplugged ahead of a blackout.

It's because when the power comes back, the surge of electricity may cause the circuit to fry and the appliance can be damaged.

The list of appliances to be wary of include:

  • Iron
  • Hair straighteners
  • Oven
  • Electric hob

There are also sensitive appliances to keep unplugged – these could surge and become damaged when the power returns:

  • TV
  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Satellite box
  • Smart phone

There are 15 power networks in the UK, and if there is a looming shortage, the National Grid will notify households if they will be cut off temporarily.

You should make sure you have at least one torch in your house and spare batteries.

Try to avoid candles if you can because they are a fire risk.

External battery packs are also handy for charging your phone without relying on electricity.

You can pick up a portable phone charger for £19.99 from Argos – just remember that if you order online, you may have to pay a delivery fee.

You could also pick up a similar charger for £16.99 from Amazon.

But make sure you shop around, because you may be able to find a better deal elsewhere.

Make sure the gadget is fully charged so that it is ready to use straight away.

This also goes for devices such as laptops and tablets.

It's a good idea to write down and keep a list of important contacts just in case your mobile phone dies.

Having some blankets and thick clothes ready to keep everybody in your household warm is also a good idea.

Have a first aid kit handy too in case of an emergency.

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People are also being encouraged to sign up with their electricity supplier for a scheme which will give them money back on their bills.

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