Horoscopes: Virgo faces ‘constant struggle’ but has one ‘secret weapon’

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Astrology dictates that each of the twelve zodiac signs have different personality traits. What can other signs learn about Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac?

Virgo is “graceful, harmonious, and obsessed with making things the very best they can be”.

Many may be intimidated by this sign’s perfectionist tendencies, but Virgo only strives to be the best because they know that “everything good can be made great, and that everything great can be perfect”.

Virgo is great to have around – particularly in a pub quiz – because they are “smart and intensely curious”.

Friends consider their Virgo pals “their own personal encyclopaedia”.

The perfect career path for Virgo is one that allows them to ask questions, as they are “passionate about uncovering the why”.

For this reason, Virgo makes the perfect investigative journalist or detective.

“Known for their grace, Virgos can always talk their way out of sticky situations, and everyone is charmed by their wit and ability to put others at ease,” according to horoscope.com.

Despite their many great strengths, Virgo’s “desire to have everything be perfect can manifest in frustration when things don’t live up to those (sometimes unrealistic) expectations”.

Those who like to speed through life may find Virgo irksome, because Virgo’s quest for perfection can feel like slowing down the passage of time – even uploading an Instagram photo can “take forever”.

“Learning to go with the flow and accept ‘good enough’ is a constant struggle.”

But with perfectionism comes an exceptional work ethic.

“Virgo is incredibly hard working. When this sign wants something, they’ll work for it.”

And this desire for excellence rubs off on the people around them, so it’s always good to have a Virgo in your corner.

“Virgos push the people around them to be their best if you want a training buddy for a marathon, you know who to call.

“Bottom line: Virgos work hard, and that work ethic inspires everyone in their life.

This is their “secret weapon”.

Virgo, there are so many reasons why your star sign shines.

With an unmatched work ethic, “every boss wants someone like you on his or her team”.

Despite their perfectionism, Virgo is hilarious – without showing off about it.

“You don’t always let your humour shine through, but anyone who knows you well is totally aware that you can make people collapse in laughter.

“Your wry sense of humour and sharp observation skills can’t be beat.”

Best of all, this sign wants to be the best, but they aren’t happy unless others come out on top with them.

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