Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for March 8


As much as things seem to be in turmoil as the day begins, they will settle. Until then, hide your impatience and frustration from those who get over-stressed when challenged. You can help a lot by encouraging them to keep calm and carry on.


Someone close will confess they made a mistake in the past and they will be hoping for your forgiveness. Since their actions caused you some big problems at the time, you will have to think on this further before absolving them completely. It isn’t always easy to forgive and forget.


After some confusion and tension, you could be surprised by how quickly you fall into your usual routines. No-one wants life to be disharmonious and if there have been misunderstandings, it will be a relief when everyone accepts the best thing to do now is to put these behind you.


You will be invited to a gathering or get-together that has a fund-raising feel about it. It may not be immediately apparent that someone is trying to make money for a good cause but once you find out what this is, you won’t need any further encouragement to offer your support.


An old skill you haven’t used for years will come in useful. Thanks to you, problems that crop up in the workplace will be fixed very easily. Your plans for the family are changing but before discussing these with those who matter, spend some quiet time revising and coming to terms with your new ideas.


It’s too easy to blame others for distracting you and diverting you away from what you should be doing. Normally you have no difficulty concentrating. Since you can’t stay focused on the job in hand your heart probably isn’t in it anyway. You’re wondering whether a volunteer effort is worth it when you seem to be criticised for every decision you make.


It will mean a lot to you if your partner or someone who is equally as close approves of the ideas you have for the future. You would rather go ahead with these plans with their support as you know that if you go against them, life is unlikely to be very harmonious.


Don’t ignore problems in the hope they will go away by themselves. Working through any difficulties will help you decide what has been making you unhappy lately, what you are ready to leave behind and where you are likely to find most fulfilment.


Focus on what’s most important to you. You’re alert and on the ball and this will mean you act quickly when the chance of a new project or opportunity comes your way. You have been waiting for this moment even though it has come sooner than expected.


You’re tempted to criticise a colleague’s careless and clumsy attitude. It could be that they feel uncertain and unsure about the best way to approach a job. If you offer praise for the things they do get right, this could help boost their confidence.


Arguments waste time and mental energy. You have too much to do and you won’t want to be bickering with someone close for too long. By this evening you will want to clear the air and achieving this won’t be anywhere near as difficult as you imagine.


It hasn’t been easy to meet deadlines. You’ve been working hard and you are now exhausted. You might notice a more relaxed pace around you now. Not only this but someone will suggest taking on some of your responsibilities to give you a chance to slow down a little.

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