Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Friday, June 3

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Recently, you have felt as if your efforts have not been appreciated by your present employer. Praise will be received for a job well done and just in time to make you realise they are grateful for your hard work so you won’t have to send off an application for a new position elsewhere.


Dozens of small tasks can be dealt with quickly when there are no distractions around you. Your aim is to organise your life, so there is no clutter or disorder in the way. Having a neat and tidy work and home environment always makes you feel more secure and in control.


You won’t be pleased when a senior colleague criticises your work, but you will be playing straight into their hands if you react angrily or aggressively. Polite and courteous behaviour will be necessary in order to keep the atmosphere calm. Watch your words during encounters with people in positions of power.


Your attention is focused on helping to make an ill friend or neighbour more comfortable. There is no one as skilled as you when it comes to making people feel loved and pampered. Someone close will be envious of all the attention you are giving to others, but you won’t let their tantrums bother you.


Although there is nothing of particular interest booked for over the next few days, don’t be too eager to fill those empty pages in your diary. A need to be socially active will start to wane as twosome activities are about to get your vote.


A rival would love to know what you are getting up to, so they might block your progress. This is why projects currently under consideration are more likely to go well if you can keep them all a secret. Only those who are directly involved should be aware of these plans and decisions.


You never find it easy when there are a number of options to consider. Doubts continue to plague you about a home or business matter. To be fair, this is starting to annoy someone who would like to get a move on. Still, this matter is important to you, and you won’t let them rush you.


Someone at home isn’t their normal self, and although they’re doing their best to hide this from you, you’ve always been sensitive, and you have picked up on this. Let them know your help can be depended on should they need you. Pondering on past events and relationships will give you valuable insights into current situations.


A workmate’s continued absences and forgetfulness are starting to cause you a lot of inconveniences. A joint work project will also suffer. You aren’t happy either; by the way, they are so glad to still take credit for jobs you have carried out on their behalf.


You can see a way out of difficulty, but an older relative will object to your ideas. Their reaction could take the wind out of your sails and will leave an unsettled atmosphere within the family. Problems you had never expected you would have to deal with will block your own progress.


Practical possibilities could start to emerge from creative discussions. A joint project is growing monotonous, and you aren’t the only one bothered by this. This is the chance you and a partner have been looking for to haul yourselves out of a rut. A flirtatious colleague or neighbour cannot be trusted.


It will take determination not to give in to temptation. Stop and think about it if you feel tempted to join forces with friends who intend to have fun no matter how much it costs. They may have little regard for the amount they spend on enjoying themselves, but you are saving up for something special.

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