Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for April 24


Those in high places will try to persuade everyone that new plans they want to put in place will work. Can they do something that previous leaders have failed to do? You may not have a lot of hope in their suggestions but you will be open-minded and you will join those who are willing to give it a try.


You will always fulfil obligations no matter how inconvenient this might be to you. You might wish you hadn’t agreed to do someone a favour but since you did, you will keep to promises made. If you can fit in a little exercise, this will help channel nervous energy.


Allowing a relative or housemate to drag you into an argument will make you feel terrible when you realise that you have only been seeing the situation from their perspective. There are other sides to this story that you had not been made aware of.


You’re aiming as high as possible but you know how important it is not to get too carried away. You need a focus as then you know what you are working towards. You’re up against a powerful competitor but this will not prevent you from pushing forward with confidence.


You seem to need to be here, there and everywhere. You’ve been busy lately and there is little change. Someone will complain that you don’t seem to spend very long in any one place. You don’t have time to stop and chat, there is just so much you have to do.


Accept an invitation to take on a leading role in a group project. With you at the helm it will be successful. You will take great care to include everyone in the team so you all feel part of the overall proceedings. Your willpower is strong and you know how to get results.


A change of scene is what you need to help you see aspects of your life that have been causing confusion from a different perspective. Until you get some thoughts clear in your mind you will not want to give opinions or make decisions.


You strive for success at all costs. You will do a good job of anything you take on but are you taking on too much? If you were to let it, your job and demands from other people will start to take over your life and leave you with no time at all to call your own.


A job offer or the chance to advance in your existing employment is a one that you will be taking seriously. The pay may not be wonderful but it will have attractive perks. You will have good instincts about what will and will not be beneficial for you in the long-term.


You are going to have objections to contend with before you are able to put new plans to work. There will be a degree of apprehension as you have no idea whether or not you will be able to persuade others into supporting your ideas. It will come as a relief when a senior colleague offers their support.


You will take a business matter seriously even though some people might see it as a joke. Far from it, you can see the potential of some ideas. A friend or colleague will want to join forces with you in an interesting venture. They need your cooperation and participation in order to get this off the ground.


You are very much aware of other people’s views as they are expressing themselves loud and clearly. What’s frustrating is that some people aren’t giving anyone else a chance to have their say. You would appreciate it if you were allowed to put forward some opinions of your own.

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