Hooters girl dances in orange booty shorts as elderly customer gawks from behind

A Hooters girl has impressed her drooling fans as she danced in orange booty shorts – but caught the attention of one older gentleman in particular.

Alid Spice, 20, works as a waitress in the US restaurant known for its scantily clad female staff.

The blonde bombshell has racked up nearly 1million followers on TikTok from posting snippets from behind the scenes of the outlandish job – and even gained quite the reaction as she revealed her transformation.

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In a recent clip that has gained thousands of views, Alid donned the infamous orange booty shorts that exposed the majority of her thighs while she paired this with the white cleavage accentuating Hooters branded crop top.

As she wore her long locks down, the stunner pouted and stuck her tongue out as she danced on the spot.

Despite her killer moves, Alid was not the star of the show this time.

Her fans spotted an elderly gentleman gawking at the sexy blonde from behind as she wiggled her bum in the uniform.

Having secured a front row seat, the bloke turned to the side as he balanced on a stool and gasped at Alid.

Well, that must have earned her quite a few tips!

Left in stitches at the pensioner’s reaction, many people fled to the comments to poke fun at the clip.

One person chuckled: “He was enjoying that.”

Another user added: “His poor blood pressure.”

While a third person voiced: “Old mate in the back didn’t blink once.”

Someone else noted: “And that’s how she gets her tips y’all.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person giggled: “Old man Jerry in the back living the life with the best views.”


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