Home Security Sales Apparently Spike 1000% Following Netflix‘s ’Watcher’ Series

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In Ryan Murphy’s newest Netflix thriller “The Watcher,” a family that has just moved into their dream home in a New Jersey suburb is terrorized by an anonymous lurker who makes their existence known through eerie and threatening letters meant to scare the family into moving away. What adds to the horror — in addition to a lineup of quirky and downright creepy neighbors who quickly become suspects in the mystery — is that the tale is based on a true story written about in a 2018 “New York Magazine” feature.

The show, which racked up a chart-topping 125 million hours watched within the first four days of its release, also seems to have inspired folks to increase their own home security. According to new data from home improvements store B&Q, sales for security cameras has increased by 1000% in the week following the show’s buzzy release. Google Trends also show that over 164,000 people searched for “security cameras” online in the weekend after the series debut.

It’s hard to say whether this spike is a direct causation of the Netflix series, but it makes sense that the true story (although highly dramatized for the show) would make people more aware of the own security measures they have implemented in their own homes. If the show has also inspired you to upgrade your own home security, these affordable and easy-to-install security cameras can help you feel more safe:

Wyze Cam V3

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The No. 1 bestselling Wyze Cam is only $35 and includes an all-new Starlight sensor that records nighttime video in full color. In addition to video, a motion and sound sensor sends alerts straight to your phone, with custom settings that allow you to adjust sensitivity or turn it off completely.

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Google Nest Security Cam

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Nest Cam’s built-in intelligence can tell the difference between people, animals and vehicles and sends automatic alerts through the Google Home app (no subscription required). With 1080p HDR video and night vision, you can check on the outside of your house 24/7, and even talk and listen through the built-in speaker and mic.

Google Nest Security Cam$99.99Buy It

Blink Mini

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The Blink Mini is one of the most affordable home security cameras that has 1080p video, motion detection and two-way audio. The Mini also boasts the easiest set up: just plug in the camera, connect to WiFi and follow the simple instructions in the Blink Home Monitor app.

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