Historic Sites Now Luxury Getaways

While the global pandemic is still affecting travel plans, many people are starting to dream about future getaways to exotic and faraway places. Being confined and under various forms of lockdown for more than a year has not been easy, and the concept of travelling to a unique and peaceful location for a vacation is on so many people’s minds!  While beach vacations are a pretty standard go-to, there are some destinations that are even more special, due to their historic roots. These fascinating, luxury destinations are historic landmarks that have been revamped to provide the most unique travel experience possible.

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3 Solent Forts: Luxury Boutique Hotel At Sea

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The Solent Forts offer a super unique accommodation for history buffs. These Napoleonic-era forts have recently been turned into luxury boutique hotels, where you can spend a night (or a week!) indulging in their unique atmosphere and many attractions. According to The Star, this trio of sea forts was sold to private investors in the 1980’s, and the refurbishing and revamping started shortly afterwards. Two of the three forts are now luxury boutique hotels, while the third has been updated, while retaining its original charm and structure.

The sea forts are located off the coast of Portsmouth, UK, and transportation via a short boat ride is included in the booking cost. The sea fort hosts various activities for guests, which include fishing, wine and cheese tasting, cocktail making, and several boating excursions. If you are just wanting to unwind and relax, you can rent an entire apartment-sized accommodation, which includes kitchen, hot tub, living room, and dining room areas. The fort can also be entirely rented out for private events, such as birthday parties or weddings. There is something really charming and adventurous about these old forts. If you’re looking for a unique and magical experience, this is a great destination to consider.

2 John Rutledge House Inn: Where History And Hospitality Meet

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The John Rutledge House Inn in Charleston, North Carolina is a historic landmark that has been turned into a luxurious bed and breakfast and inn. The house dates back to 1763, and was one of the fifteen homes where the American Constitution was signed, according to Jody’s Travel.  Located on the famed Broad Street, the inn offers elegant rooms that nod to the past, with antique details, and reproduced furniture inspired by its 18th Century roots. This site is quaint and private, offering only 19 guest rooms. In many ways, it’s a perfect destination for a gradual return to travel, in light of recent lockdown measures. Elopement, honeymoon, girls getaway, and shopping packages are offered by the hotel, and the rates are quite reasonable, year round! Charleston is a city with a lot of history, and this destination is sure to please if you are interested in learning more about American history. 

1 The Liberty Hotel Boston: From Prison To Prime Hotel Location

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If you are looking for a truly unique escape destination, The Liberty Hotel Boston will definitely deliver. The luxurious hotel was previously home to the Charles Street Jail, which was built in 1851. According to USA Today, many of America’s most notorious criminals spent some time behind bars at the Charles Street Jail, including James ‘Whitey’ Bulger. The 298-room hotel offers amazing views of the city, and is a favorite destination for hosting events. Located just across the Charles River Esplanade, the hotel offers quintessential access to Boston landmarks. The hotel has won several awards, including the Readers’ Choice Awards and the Conde Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards, both awarded in 2018. The main entrance area still boasts an impressive gallery, which is a perfect spot for capturing unique group photos. In fact, the hotel is a top destination for weddings. With several restaurants, bars, and an expansive courtyard outdoor-dining area, this hotel really has a lot to offer. It’s hard to compete with the originality factor; spending a night in a former jail is perhaps not on everyone’s ‘to-do’ list, but for those who are fascinated by true crime and history, this is sure to please.

While these accommodations remain open during the pandemic, you will need to contact them directly to find out booking and travel terms and conditions; as they will vary depending on location.

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