Here's How to Shop like a Celebrity on Black Friday

Celebrities — they’re just like us! And when it comes to holiday shopping, you can bet they’ll be out there taking part in Black Friday madness just like everyone else. Want to give your holiday shopping regimen an A-lister tough? Here’s how to tackle Black Friday shopping like a celebrity.


Take advantage of great deals!

Just because they have bigger bank accounts than most of us doesn’t mean celebs don’t like getting great shopping deals as well. And around the holidays, celebs may promote their favorite things ahead of them going on sale. Whether you’re looking for gadgets or you’re into beauty products, you’re sure to find deals on

For those select A-listers who have their own products, they’re probably going to give their loyal consumers great deals just in time for the crazy holiday shopping season.

Give your shopping ensemble an upgrade!

Model Hailey Baldwin on a shopping trip | Hailey Baldwin News via Twitter

Let’s face it. Some celebrities are always camera-ready. And that goes double for when we see them out shopping. Since holiday shopping can become a chore and make you feel less inspired to dress your best, dressing like your favorite celeb would for your Black Friday excursion can put some extra pep in your step.

Now, you don’t have to wear stiletto heels or skin tight pants to get those celebrity-inspired shopping vibes. Take a cue from InStyle’s slideshow of celebrities shopping for the holidays. You’ll see it’s easy to dress comfortably while still looking fly.

Support small businesses!

Sure, you’ve probably seen a million photos in the tabloids of perfectly primped celebs toting around large shopping bags with designer names splashed across them. But not every A-lister empties out his or her wallet at exclusive boutiques. If you really want to shop like a celebrity, you should hit up and support small local businesses in your town.

This trend of giving back to small businesses isn’t exclusive to Black Friday either. The emergence of Small Business Saturday — held the day after Black Friday, of course — has made giving back to local businesses during the holidays even easier.

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