Here are the best hot chocolate recipes for your holiday

If you’re looking to make a delicious cup of hot chocolate right at home, we have the recipes you need to try. Each of these hot chocolate variations has a unique flavor profile, and every single one of them is delightfully decadent.

There are super-simple homemade hot chocolate recipes alongside gourmet cups of chocolate. We’ve got hot cocoa favorites for the kids and boozy chocolate cocktails for the adults, chocolate-coffee combos for the morning, as well as soothing recipes best served by starlight.

No matter what you’re craving – real chocolate or cocoa powder, all-vegan ingredients or dreamy, super-creamy creations – we think you’ll find your new go-to in at least one of these indulgent delights.

Amaretto hot chocolate with heart marshmallows

Impress your sweetheart with this romantic amaretto hot chocolate with heart marshmallows. Italian amaretto liqueur adds a deeper warmth to the drink, as well as some nutty cherry undertones. But it’s the heart-shaped marshmallows that turn this hot chocolate cocktail romantic. Large marshmallows, a small heart-shaped cookie cutter and powdered sugar are all that’s required to make these. Drop one or two of the heart-shaped marshmallows into your mug of hot chocolate, sprinkle some shaved semisweet chocolate on top, and you’ve got yourself a date night sweet treat. 

GET THE RECIPE: Amaretto Hot Chocolate with heart-shaped marshmallows 

Boozy marshmallow hot chocolate

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