Gemini 2022 yearly horoscope: What the sociable air sign can expect from 2022

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Gemini, you’re a great person, but you need some more self-belief. You’ve felt lost recently but 2022 is here to bring you back to your true essence and allow you to be your authentic self. You’re going to have to do some introspection though, to make it work. chatted to astrologer Lesley Francis to find out the Gemini yearly horoscope for 2022.

General Theme of 2022

It must be exhausting being so sociable, chatty, and hard-working all the time, Gemini.

You’re a true social butterfly and you’ve had to really warp into another personality to cope with the restrictions of the pandemic and the challenges it brought.

Lesley said: “You are tired. Period. After all, redefining yourself is hard work, especially when you really aren’t sure what that means or what it’s going to look like.

“And, strangely enough, the last thing you are seeking right now is stimulation.

“All this adds up to a feeling that you have stumbled into someone else’s life. It couldn’t possibly be yours.

“Your insatiable curiosity seems to be on vacation, new experiences don’t entice you, and your mind goes dark when you least expect it. Definitely foreign territory for any self-respecting Gemini.”

The good news is 2022 is going to be a total change for you, Gemini.

The astrologer predicted: “2022 is about to surprise you in ways you can’t anticipate.

“The curtain is going up on a revitalized and reinvented you.

“Everything that’s been bouncing around inside you, making no sense whatsoever, coalesces into a new direction, full of all of your favourite things about living.

“Gone will be the fear that you are merely the guinea pig in some weird and wacky survival game.

“In its place is newfound faith in yourself that you can translate into, not just one new beginning, but several in all areas of your life.

“The key here is – you don’t have to think about it or even understand it. You just need to embrace it.”


Gemini is an energetic air sign who likes to be busy and have fun all the time, but this hasn’t been the case recently. It’s too limiting to simply seek ‘fun’.

Lesley said: “Your previous need to stimulate or be stimulated, entertain or be entertained suddenly feels like a somewhat unsatisfactory way to connect with anyone, but most especially with those you love and adore.

“You find yourself hankering for more. More feeling, more meaning, more deep connection. This surprises you and knocks you off balance.

“You always assumed that you had a good thing going, but the reality of life for the last couple of years rendered all that stale and unattractive.

“Not being able to readily connect with others forced you to re-examine many of the tried-and-true ways you approached this part of your life.

“You realised that relationships need to be more than a trip to the buffet table one more time.

“That at some point it’s important to build a foundation based on knowing who you are and being able to share all of that with others.

“You really are worth knowing inside and out. So, show up as all of you this year and 2022 promises to be a fulfilling year.”

Success and Money

You’re probably not about to become a CEO or millionaire in 2022, Gemini, but you’re working out how you can be successful in the field you truly want to exist in.

Lesley said: “When it comes to success and money, this part of your life remains under construction because these matters won’t be clarified until you fully emerge from the cocoon your life has been recently.

“It’s hard to sort out where you want to put your talents to use and exactly how much that might be worth until you have a stronger sense of the length and breadth of you, your skillset, and your abilities.

“It’s absolutely time to set aside old ideas about success and money because they don’t fit you anymore.

“But, first, take a hard, practical look at them and become familiar with how they impacted your life.

“Otherwise, they become stumbling blocks, continuing to determine your future in old and toxic ways. Something you don’t need in a year that holds so much promise for you.”

Pitfalls and Potential Problems

Air signs tend to be forward-thinking, but you might find yourself stuck in the past this year, Gemini. Don’t let this happen!

Lesley said: “The most important and perhaps most difficult thing for you to do this year is not to allow your past to determine your future.

“The only way to do that is to make it a priority to continually engage in a self-inventory.

“You know, taking stock of any steps you take and figuring out whether or not they reflect where you are going or where you have been.

“Old patterns and habits don’t easily give way to the new and the healthier.

“They are deeply-embedded default positions and they are always going to be there.”

You need to learn to be totally in the moment as much as possible to move forward, Gemini.

Lesley said: “By being aware of yourself at all times, you feel your old habits rising up from wherever they’ve been hiding in your psyche to respond to what you are doing or what you are experiencing.

“Accepting they are part of you allows you to work with what they symbolize in you to create stronger self-acceptance, rather than engaging in a fruitless battle to rid yourself of what you may think is inappropriate in you.

“A healthy human is not someone who has scrubbed themselves of the bad so only the good remains.

“Instead, they are the person who knows and accepts their whole self.”

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