Frugal mum buys nothing new for second year after becoming fed-up with waste

A frugal mum has bought nothing new for a whole YEAR after becoming fed-up with waste.

Apart from a school uniform for her daughter, Katie Musgrave, 34, has only purchased food, nappies and essentials throughout the whole of 2018.

She originally pledged to change her spending lifestyle after growing sick of the amount of barely-used equipment, clothing and toys that were being stored in her home.

And on December 1, 2016, she pledged to only buy ‘pre-loved’ items for herself or her three kids Eliza, five, Ariadne, three and Daniel, 11 months.

In 2017, Katie managed to survive the whole year by buying every item ‘preloved’ except for buying her daughters a pair of shoes in summer – and this year she’s done even better.

The devoted mum said she managed to go the whole year without buying anything – except for a school uniform for her daughter, Ariadne.

The devoted mum has even had a frugal festive period, and has gifted family and friends with home made food hampers.

Although she admits she did splurge on one item – a pair of socks for her mother-in-law, Elizabeth Musgrave, 56, which cost £6.

Katie, a GP registrar from Loddiswell, Devon, said: "We’ve had another year of not buying anything new for the children.

"This Christmas we’ve been making presents which we will give to family members and friends.

"The children have been making gifts and things for their bedrooms, things don’t have to cost a lot to have meaning.

"For Christmas I bought both daughters a puzzle, and one of them got a microscope and the other has a spirograph.

"They’ve also got clothes and shoes, all preloved. My newborn has got a push walker – a little dog with a jumper on."

Katie, who has this year had her third child with GP husband Chris, 37, managed the whole year with only one blip.

She bought a new school uniform for her youngest daughter, who started education this year.

She continued: "We’ve mostly stuck to nothing new, my daughter started school so we had to buy a uniform.

"I’d say we’ve spent maybe £50 in the whole year, I’m sure I have saved at least £1000 over the course of the year.

"We’ve still bought food and everyday essentials, but we use charity shops mostly.

"It’s a habit that we’ve gotten into, you can find pretty much anything in charity shops or on eBay, you don’t need to buy things new.

"The children are always excited when I come home, I bought my daughter a jumper with alpacas on it and she loves it.

"It doesn’t have to cost much for it to matter to them."

Katie said that with just a little effort they were able to live a life better than when they were more frivolously spending money.

But when it comes to Christmas day they will be having a traditionally festive meal, but they’re still debating over Turkey or Goose.

She said: "We’re still deciding, but we will be having a traditional Christmas with family.

"We’ve put together a hamper of food and we’ve got my mother-in-law a pair of socks.

"They were a certain kind so I bought them brand new, they were £6."

Katie changed her lifestyle and became compelled to act after she was shocked at how expensive it was raising small children.

She realised that her children were getting through clothes at a lightning pace, and that her garage and attic were quickly filling with discarded items that had barely being worn.

But then it dawned on Katie that other mothers were likely experiencing the same thing, and that there must be a treasure-trove of barely-worn children’s clothes out there.

Katie launched her web project called One Baby Owner as a place for parents to sell nearly-new items that their young ones have outgrown.

But now Katie has had to put the website on hold as she focuses on raising her own three children.

She said: "I’ve had to put that aside for now, I’m too busy raising my children. I hope to pick it up again sometime soon."

Items Katie has bought second hand this year:

  • a little dolls house for her daughter’s birthday

  •  Victorian sleigh twin beds for my daughters

  •  vintage chairs for the lounge

  •  a set of plates and bowls for the kitchen

  •  coats for all three children

  •  kitchen chairs

  •  paint

  •  fabric for curtains

  •  clothes including a skirt, two pairs of jeans, four jumpers, and a leather jacket

  •  a Christmas jumper

  •  some pottery pieces by local artist Tony Bristow

  •  a rug

  •  bedding

  •  tea towels

  •  cushions

  •  a second-hand oven from eBay (nearly new and saved £400 from new cost)

  •  bedroom storage boxes for the girls’ room

  •  a wardrobe

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