Four ‘very anti-ageing’ face massages that ‘help prevent wrinkles’

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There are 57 muscles on the face which represent around 60 percent of the face’s structure, so working your facial muscles is just as important as working other muscles in the body. One way to workout your face is with regular face yoga exercises, or tools like Gua Sha stones or quartz rollers. But if you’re looking for an effortless way to stimulate your facial muscles, consider a vibrating massage tool. spoke to GP, Aesthetic Doctor and skincare expert for FOREO, Dr Raj Arora about the most common skincare issues women face as they get older, and how to combat them. 

Dr Raj said: “The main issues are related to mid face volume loss and UV (sun) damage. Women come to me with a range of concerns, including wrinkles, laxity, hyperpigmentation, textured skin due to slower cell turnover and dull skin due to clogged pores/congestion.” 

The skincare expert also revealed the areas of the face that show the most signs of ageing. She said: “Volume loss in the mid face due to ageing can result in jowling and laxity of the lower face. This can result in an aged appearance. 

“Skin around the eyes can also show signs of ageing with crow’s feet, wrinkles and in some cases, loose skin of the upper lid and beneath the eye.” 

One way to combat signs of ageing is by using a massage device. Dr Raj explained: “I love the Luna 4 device because of the guided massages, of which there are four!

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“There are also five massage patterns available to follow yourself. These massages are great for the face but also can be used on the body.” 

As for how the devices work, Dr Raj said: “Massaging tools and devices like the Luna 4 use technology to improve microcirculation to the skin. This in turn helps collagen production in the skin and has an anti-ageing effect. 

“The guided firming massages help to tone the underlying muscles of the face and therefore help reduce sagging and fine lines. 

“There is also a targeted improvement in lymphatic drainage helping to reduce puffy eyes and loose skin around the eye area.

“Areas that lose elasticity more noticeably tend to be jawlines (jowling), neck and also around the eyes.” 

FOREO’s four massages: 

Lymphatic drainage massage – This is tailored to help boost circulation to the eyes and the jaw to keep the skin healthy but will also help to relieve puffy eyes from tiredness and or lack of sleep.

Deep Tissue massage – This helps to release tension in the cheeks and jaw, less tension means less wrinkling/frowning of overlying skin. 

Trigger point massage – Relieves muscle tightness in the neck. It can prevent sagging and laxity and neck bands, therefore very anti-ageing. 

Shiatsu massage – Promotes calm as it focuses on the forehead and temples, again relaxing underlying muscles and helping to prevent wrinkles.

Dr Raj continued: “Most people can see immediate results, especially from an effective cleansing point of view. 

“The majority of my clients will come back to me and say how much more radiant and refreshed their skin looks after having used the Luna devices.” Other massage devices are available and can help give similar results.

The devices can be used “with most cleansers” but gel-based is “especially effective” as they “help to remove dirt and oil off the skin’s surface”. 

“We would advise grainy cleansers, scrubs, clay masks or silicone-based cleansers to be avoided as they may damage the device,” the expert added.

“The devices are made from food grade silicone, they are easy to clean and the Luna 4 devices can also be used in the shower.”

The face is not the only area the device can be used on, “the Luna 4 body can help with cellulite and dead skin cells on the body”. 

The body accumulates roughly four kilos of dirt and dead skin cells a year, so cleansing the rest of the body is just as important as the face. 

Dr Raj helped create “The Four-Cheek Facial by FOREO” which “targets the face and the body (buttocks) by boosting collagen production through microcirculation”. 

“It also helps drainage of the face and body to reduce the appearance of puffiness and cellulite.”

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