Former factory worker now earns £2,000 an hour as a life coach

Jacob Galea is what some people might describe as a big deal.

The 44-year-old from Sydney, Australia, is a millionaire who went from sweeping floors and printing magazines in a factory to earning £2,000 ($3,700) an hour.

How, exactly? He packed in long hours in jobs including sales, factory work, and helping out at a pizzeria, in favour of working as a life coach, and now earns thousands by teaching other people how to be successful.

He said: ‘What I do is unscalable – I transform people’s lives for the better.

‘I am in demand, which is why my prices are so high.

‘I don’t consider this a job as it’s enjoyable.

‘I help people turn their lives around and become more successful than ever before.’

Jacob’s journey to being a mega-successful life coach began when he got a mentor, which inspired him to take a similar path.

He now lives a lavish lifestyle funded by clients who come to him for advice, flying via private jet and relaxing on yachts in his downtime.

He charges £530 for a consultation alone.

But, following a tough year (to put it lightly), Jacob wants to give back.

He has launched a competition for four people to win a place on his 12-week transformation course.

Some might say that an easier (better?) way to make a difference would be to simply give away some money. But Jacob reckons his wisdom is far more valuable.

‘I want to help someone who wants to change their life from ordinary to extraordinary,’ he said.

‘I look at how people operate from the inside to out and work with them to achieve their goals to make sure they are hitting their transformation programme.

‘The pandemic has taken away many people’s livelihood – I have had business owners come to me as they are on the brink of a breakdown.

‘After 12 weeks with me, they have opened back up and tripled their revenue.

‘I can help transform businesses and lives.

‘I am able to go deep into people’s subconscious mind to create a mindset transformation.’

The course typically costs £45,720 and is made up of 12 two-hour Zoom sessions, so it’s quite the prize.

If you fancy, you can enter through Jacob’s website. While you’re there, do feel free to check out his fragrances, called Success and Ambition (of course), his book, Birth Of The Super You, and many photos of Jacob wearing suits and sunglasses.

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