Footage Shows Frank Sapareto, GOP Politician, Starring In Pornographic Video, Lawsuit Claims He Hit Producer

A six-term Republican state rep in New Hampshire apparently starred in a porn film, and now the producer of that film is suing him for an alleged assault.

Footage released by an attorney this week appears to show six-term New Hampshire state representative Frank Sapareto — a 58-year-old conservative Republican — starring in a porn video.

Now, the producer of that video is suing Sapareto for an alleged assault. The politician was unhappy with his scenes in the film, and the day after filming took place, he showed up at the home of producer Jonathan Carter. There, he allegedly attacked Carter, striking him “in the head, face and body,” according to a Los Angeles Times report on the lawsuit.

Sapareto, who is vice-chair of the New Hampshire state House Criminal Justice Committee — despite his 2013 conviction on a misdemeanor assault charge, according to the Los Angeles Times — at first denied that he knew, or had ever met, Carter. Carter also uses the pseudonym “Roy Randall.”

But after New Hampshire media reported that Sapareto’s name appeared on legal documents forming the company, Standard Video LLC, that produced the video, Sapareto claimed that he had invested $5,000 in an endeavor to produce “tourism videos” with Carter — whom he had met online, according to the Los Angeles Times.

But Carter’s lawyer, Eric Dubin, said that Carter possessed about seven hours of footage showing Sapareto performing in the sexually explicit shoot for a film that was to be titled Creampie Apocalypse with a female co-star, according to an Associated Press account. Dubin then released brief excerpts from the footage, showing a person — who appears to be Sapareto — in one scene touching a woman an intimate manner. Another scene allegedly shows the state representative from Derry, New Hampshire, appearing nude.

The news site NH Journal published the brief clips. Readers should be warned that the videos at the preceding link are NSFW (i.e. “not safe for work”).

Even when shown the video, however, Sapareto continued to deny that he had appeared in the porn film. “It had my head on a body,” he told the Concord Monitor newspaper. “He had pictures of me, and he had records of my voice. But what they showed me was me in situations I wasn’t there.”

Dubin dismissed Sapareto’s denials, telling NH Journal, “The idea that an elected official would completely lie about this is very disturbing. I’m not judging anyone’s personal behavior, but there are jobs that require public confidence.”

Sapareto, on the other hand, said that he planned to counter-sue Carter for extortion. “He wants more money and since I wouldn’t pay him, he said he would destroy my political career, and now he’s following through on it,” he said, according to New England Cable News. “It’s ridiculous. This is just a political hit a week before the election.”

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