Foodie divides Brits with macaroni and cheese hack using crisps as topper

A home cook has split fellow foodies with his inventive hack for mac ’n’ cheese – some say it’s “genius”.

The bloke uploaded a photo of his macaroni cheese and explained that he’d tried to come up with a way to use up crushed packets of crisps.

And, his sausage roll man ’n’ cheese was the result.

Posting on the Reddit forum r/CasualUK, the foodie captioned the snap: “A bit ago I ordered some sausage roll flavour crisps on amazon (I live in the states, born and dragged up in Manchester), they arrived in confetti form, so to salvage a win they were used as a topper for Macaroni and cheese and it is glorious!!

“Sharp cheddar and gruyere for the cheeses.”

The sausage roll crisps were released by Walker’s over Christmas in a collaboration with LadBaby (a graphic designer).

And, people were torn by the combination – some thought it sounded delicious while others weren’t a fan.

One person said: “You’ve lived in the States too long.”

“This breaks the rules of every diet out there,” added another.

But, more people were keen to try the mash-up.

A commenter wrote: “Genius. Expect your knighthood in the post.”

“Crisps make a great addition to pasta,” added another. “I usually use plain Doritos on top when making a tuna and cheese pasta bake.”

A third wrote: “Amazing!

“Haven't had that for years but my mum used to put Crisps on everything….tuna pasta bake…Mac n cheese…shepherd's pie.”

While a jokester added: “Now I want macaroni and cheese, which will not happen as I have put me and the cat on a diet due to Lockdown boredom snacking.

“This looks amazing.”

People were also curious about the crisp flavour chosen – and asked how it tasted.

“Imagine the rough taste of the pastry but only that bit at the end with no sausage or juices from the inside,” a foodie informed them.

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